Meet Ben the Redbone Coonhound – The Pet Pardons Pet of the Day

Mullins, South Carolina – The Pet Pardons organization released an urgent bulletin Wednesday asking the public for their help in finding a home for Ben, a nine-month-old male Redbone Coonhound who was abandoned at a high kill shelter and taken into a foster care agreement that runs out soon and puts him at risk of being euthanized at any time at the Marion County Animal Shelter.

Ben is only nine months old and has already spent a great deal of his life being shifted between shelters and foster homes looking for a place and an owner to call his own.  His energy and spirit have touched those who have worked so hard to find him a home and he can proudly say that he is already an expert at being house broken.  Volunteers who have worked with Ben have been so touched by his zest for life that they shared their thoughts about him in his Pet Pardons profile to give prospective adopters a little peek into his life.
Ben is a fabulous pup who has been with a short-term foster who cannot keep him much longer.  This handsome boy is house trained.  Yes – you read that correctly. He loves to ride with a passion, especially golf carts.  I can’t stress this enough that Ben loves kids and adores other dogs. He has great doggie manners.  He really must go to a home with another dog. Typical hound though as he likes (needs) to run and will dig and has the best bark!
Members of the Pet Pardons community are given daily Facebook bulletins and updates, allowing them to share the stories of pets in need or even take direct action to adopt or donate money to save the life of the pet. The reasons for how these animals end up in shelters are as numerous as the reasons why there are so many dedicated volunteers working hard every day to save innocent lives.

The Pet Pardons Facebook application has been responsible for the successful adoption of over 10,000 pets since its launch in December of 2010 and has amassed over 360,000 followers on Facebook who are ready to help advocate for an animal in need at a moment’s notice.

Pet Pardons allows its members to help pets by clicking the “Advocate” button on each pet’s profile, which places the pet’s bulletin on the user’s wall, allowing others to see the pet and advocate for it. As the number of shares increases, so do the chances of the pet being viewed by someone who can help or adopt.

The adoption process can often be a very difficult time for some pets who end up being overlooked for reasons that shelter volunteers can never quite put their finger on.  Dogs like Ben who have a great temperament, shining personality and amazing heart can sometimes be passed over because adopters think to themselves that “he’ll get adopted for sure” and select a slightly harder to adopt dog out of the goodness of their hearts.  All that Ben knows however, is that someone else just passed him over and that instead of going him with new owner, he gets to wait another night and hope that his forever home comes soon.

Pet Pardons educates the public about pet overpopulation, focusing on the importance of adoption and spay/neuter. By shining a light on the reality for shelter pets, people are becoming aware of the problem, and therefore, getting involved in the solution. As each amazing pet is featured, users are able to see their faces, connect with their stories, and advocate to save their lives.

Pet and animal advocacy can sometimes be a very emotional process.  Volunteers place animals into the Pet Pardons application in hopes that they will be adopted into loving homes, not so that the shelters will be targeted and harassed.  Please help the pets by not engaging in this type of behavior, as it hurts them far more than it helps them.

Ben currently has 525 advocates on the Pet Pardons application, and could use a lot more, especially those who would be willing to supply transportation to a new forever home if needed.

If you are interested in learning more about Ben or you would like to adopt him, please click right HERE to go straight to his Pet Pardons page.

If you are interested in joining the Pet Pardons community on Facebook, you can do so by clicking HERE, because the next shelter pet given a second chance at life could be the one that you save today.

Help this site continue to save animals on a daily basis by making a contribution today.


24 thoughts on “Meet Ben the Redbone Coonhound – The Pet Pardons Pet of the Day

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  2. I have a redbone coon hound.. They are wonderful dogs. Rocky is such a beautiful animal and if only I was closer I would love to foster Ben to play with my Rocky. I pray he will find a home and someone that will love and care for him forever.


  3. Ben, you are so sweet-looking. I shared on Twitter twice but had to change the wording slightly for the second post. Animals are truly a gift from God, and I hope that you, Ben, get a loving, forever, happy home. I foster 2 cats, which is all I’m allowed.


  4. Ben is adorable! Shared on Twitter again but changed the wording so it would post. Can’t find a Facebook button to share from this page. All the people who care about animals are wonderful!! Thank you, and thank God for animals. They are truly a gift!


  5. Coonhounds are the best. My Gordon is the love of my life. Behind only my wife and two kitties. To the person who dumped him remember ” Karma is a bitch “.


    • Try this: Animal Rescue Flights
      Animal Rescue Flights (ARF) was created by pilots who want to bring awareness to the need for widespread, low-cost spaying and neutering programs as a solution to America’s animal over-population problem. We are a non-profit, charitable organization of pilots, volunteers, and friends who believe in the benefit of volunteering our skills and resources to help save animals in need. Animal Rescue Flights promotes, plans, and performs the transportation of animals from overcrowded shelters where they face certain death to other parts of the country where qualified families are waiting to adopt them. There is never a fee of any kind, either to the sender or the receiver of an animal flying with ARF.


  6. Dear God how can this happen so much you created this sweet animal for a friend to humans and now he has none…..Please God send all your angels to save this baby…he has a zest for life and wants all the love you gave to humans so please send your angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Be. What a sweetie. He’
    so deserves to have a family and home. I have 3 dogs who are loved and spoiled rotten. In return, I get uncondional love and well-being. Let’s give Ben that chance. He deserves it.


  8. Sometimes these little animals meet their demise a lot quicker if they stay with people who are cruel enough to take them to a kill shelter…at least this puts the animal in the path of people who try to find good loving permanent homes. Either way, they risk death..the people who put these animals down, it is more humane than stomping them to death or beating them to death. Our society is too intelligent and too connected to allow the production of animals that are not wanted but our society doesn’t even take care of it’s own children much less the little animals. There are a lot of people working to make a difference in these two ridiculous situations…eventually…they will win…the good always does but in the meantime, we lose little kids, we lose little animals. Tell people about spaying and neutering programs in your community…encourage your friend who just lost their dog or cat to adopt from the shelter NOW..that’s what their pet would have wanted…it ain’t like replacing grandma for heaven’s sake..geez..little pet spot needs to always be filled..yes, they are alllll very different..Rick and hope that owner who surrendered this pup stepped into the streets right under the bus. Thank you for caring so much. Step it up Mullins, South Carolina!!…this is a REDBONE COON pup…circling the drain…go get him please. Someone in Western North Carolina???are you seeing this…these dogs make wonderful companions and brother, can they hunt!!! Anyone thinking of joining a rescue team, training a dog?…this pup would be a real worker…do it soon..his days are numbered. Tx Jeromie..the universe owes you..


  9. I hope he gets a wonderful, loving family A.S.A.P that he so deserves. I just adopted a dog from the Casa Grande shelter in Az. that was posted on Pet Pardons. She is so sweet. I feel Blessed to have her. I pray that Ben is rescued very soon.


  10. The people who do this definitely should not be allowed to own any animals!! In my state, you do have to have a license for your dog or cat which, like you said gaby, does make a lot of animals safer but, unfortunately, it doesn’t stop people who abuse animals from getting the license dammit!!! I absolutely despise people who can harm such helpless animals or dump them off somewhere, its disgusting!!!!


  11. Sad to see all these great, lovely, sweet, animals that are being discarded every day, every way, by uncaring bastards out there. I love animals and my heart cries for them. I know that does not help them. I wish I had the money to free them all. I’m sorry, it is only a dream.


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