It’s About Art. It’s About Positive Change. It’s About You.

On December 15th, 2011 Montreal’s newest voice in the arts and advocacy community “Carry Your Message” will be hosting a silent auction fundraiser from 7:00PM to 11:00PM in downtown Montreal at the famous Burritoville restaurant located at 2055 Rue Bishop.

Carry Your Message is an organization created by artist Charlotte Greenwood and writer Jeromie Williams that is dedicated to using art as a means of bringing individuals together and spreading creativity worldwide in the belief that expression and ingenuity are the seeds to new answers, inspired inventions and solid solutions for struggling and burdened communities.

“We aim to be a voice for communities that do not always get the chance to be heard,” announced ‘Carry Your Message’ Co-Founder Jeromie Williams “by going into these cities and neighborhoods and using a combination of transformational workshops and the creation and sharing of artistic pieces that reflect the change they want to see in the world.”

“The outcome of each workshop or project will be in the form of art, designs or performances, which will be exhibited or presented and put out into the world to encourage maximum visibility and learning,” shared ‘Carry Your Message’ Co-Founder Charlotte Greenwood “and any proceeds from these exhibits and presentations will be put towards future projects with Carry Your Message making it possible to continue working with communities all over the world.”

The silent auction will feature pieces from dozens of high profile Montreal artists including Olivier Lefebvre, Rob Smith, Yunus Chkirate, Bryan Lanier, Yah D Soloh, Tony Adonis Andrianopoulos and Wah Wing Chan with sponsorships from leading corporations including Belle Gueule, Burritoville, Life Proof, Nature’s Firewall and many more.

All the proceeds from the evening will go towards expanding the Carry Your Message official website and towards researching and developing the critical workshops and artistic networks required to spread the inspiring message of positive change to where change is needed the most.

Carry Your Message:  It’s about art.  It’s about changing the world.  It’s about you.

For more information or to schedule an interview with, please call 514-436-4434 or make a request via email at


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