The Hilarious Moment at Someone Else’s Expense Google Doesn’t Want You To See

Everyone has seen one of those posts on their Facebook news feed saying something along the lines of “Click this Google Maps link and have a good chuckle,” but what has begun circulating on Facebook is truly is a piece of Google Maps gold.  The only problem is, Google ruined everyone’s fun by erecting a full blur bubble over what everyone has been talking about.

Fear not, the photos are all here.

An unsuspecting woman in Brazil had no idea that her tumble on a sidewalk would be caught on camera the day the Google Maps van was scanning her street into their system, but alas, there it is (was) for all the world to see.  Follow along at home by clicking HERE.

Upon opening the link, everything seems pretty normal, right?  Lady in a questionably out of date orange shirt taking a walk down the street on a beautiful sunny day in Brazil.

How could anything go wrong you ask?  Take a look at the tight squeeze between the power pole and the security wall she is approaching, then imagine what you are about to see next, then click on the nice lady (who is now a blob) on your map.

Pow, right in the kisser!  Now we all know, it’s not nice to laugh at other people’s misery, unless of course you’re a devote fan of Schadenfreude, but if you think this is the worst of it, then one need only move onto the next picture to see how this can and did get worse.  This is where most of you who saw this already are about to kick yourselves in the ass for not doing a little snooping around.

Further down the street on the right hand side was this little band of lollygaggers who happened to catch the entire event from their curb side siesta, adding insult to injury to the lady in orange who would have probably preferred to have dusted herself off unnoticed and forgotten about the entire thing.  But wait there’s more.  Remembering that we live in a three dimensional world, swinging the camera back around to the original stumble of our orange clad heroine reveals her pluck and determination.

The Google-mobile clearly shows that the nice lady in orange was at least uninjured and conscious enough to pick herself up and carry on her merry way, and Google, with its global minded humility filter has turned what you’ve seen here into this:

And that’s why Google can’t have nice things … they just break ’em.


4 thoughts on “The Hilarious Moment at Someone Else’s Expense Google Doesn’t Want You To See

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  2. Too bad Google Maps was on the metro with me one morning on my way to work (downtown Los Angeles). A woman sitting across from me was slowly nodding off. I kept thinking, “There she goes … there she goes …” but she’d manage to right herself when all of a sudden [wait … attack of the giggles as I remember it] she fell forward and slid face-first across the train floor. I should have gotten a medal for not letting on, while all the time CRACKING up inside. If I could have only caught that on video … I’d be rich today.


    • The difference between what happened with the woman on Google maps, and what happened with you, is that you had the chance to stop it and you didn’t …


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