Lamar Smith, the author of SOPA, breaks copyright law on campaign website and becomes a pirate too

On the same day that Wikipedia turned off their lights for 24 hours to protest the proposed “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA as it is better known, the very politician who wrote the bill was called out by the 9GAG website for being caught redhanded breaking copyright law on his official campaign website.

Lamar Smith, the politician in question that has been pushing the bill that has even the tech Gurus over at Mashable screaming foul over SOPA’s extreme overreach and censorship capabilities, has allegedly used a photograph for the background of his campaign website without giving credit to the photographer or paying for its use.  That’s right, the guy who wants to stop online piracy is apparently an Internet pirate himself – Arrrrrrr


23 thoughts on “Lamar Smith, the author of SOPA, breaks copyright law on campaign website and becomes a pirate too

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  2. If any toilet would be so full of crap you wouldn’t call a plumber but declare it a disaster zone and call for the national guard.
    I wonder how much a law costs, and wether a stupid law is more expensive than an insane one.


  3. So I’ve been told he took the image down from his website. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to just pay the artist? Oh wait… I guess censorship would be better… right? That way we don’t share the nice art and that way the artist doesn’t make any money and that way no tax revenue is possible. Clearly that is way better than just paying the artist.


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  5. This Lamar Smith is a nut job…unbelievable …that he has devised this bill to hinder knowledge,ideas,intuitions,progress…preferring to keep people ignorant,bored,depressed,without any avenue to seek….also these “politicians”knows schools aren’t enough…..but hey..lobbying pays off politicians…so …


  6. Thanks for this excellent post — definitely from the “I couldn’t make this stuff up” files. I am linking to it at WIMN’s Voices, the group blog of Women In Media & News. I will be posting your photo (with attribution) on my post as well, but especially considering the subject matter, wanted to give you the heads up on that. If you would prefer me to take the photo down, please let me know.


  7. well this is a country is which a complete baffoon like Rick Perry can run for PRESIDENT, what do you expect, but yea i say shut him down..


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    • Even with a credit, it’s still a copyright violation unless the user has the artist’s permission. But it’s already a violation under current law; we don’t need a new law to make it so.


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