So this just happened … Bed, Bath and Beyond is selling radioactive tissue dispensers

"The Radiator" - From the Bed, Bath and Beyond catalogue.

While entertainment executives were given a bloody nose yesterday by the online community over the SOPA debate, unsuspecting shoppers at Bed, Bath and Beyond were players in a possible real life plot to create The 4400 in an attempt to strike back against those opposing the Internet piracy act.

The shiny metal boxes meant to house your Puffs Plus or Kleenex Ultra in a decorative way, seem to have been manufactured in India with Cobalt-60 which is a man-made product that is typically used for cancer radiation therapy and to sterilize medical equipment.  The RSN website explained the effects of Cobalt-60 and what they mean for the average person tacky enough to shop at Bed, Bath and Beyond:

How much radiation do these tissue holders emit, exactly? Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman David McIntyre said, on the record, that standing near one of these tissue holders for 30 minutes a day would expose you to the equivalent of “a couple of chest X-Rays” each year. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency went even further, issuing a release stating that every 10 hours spent near the product would expose you to the equivalent of one chest X-Ray.

In case you were wondering, a chest X-Ray is not a small dose of radiation.

Stopped short of creating a master race of humans with super powers and uncanny abilities, Bed Bath and Beyond has decided now to suspend their devious genetic manipulation campaign according to the Wall Street Journal and go back to selling bath beads and sconces from the 1980’s.

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