Man beats wife. Man blames ghosts. Man goes to jail.

Michael F West didn't do it - Casper did.

First there was the famous “Twinkie Defence“, then came the “I was molested by Bigfoot” defence and now enters the newest explanation to try and escape culpability for a serious crime … the “It wasn’t me, a ghost did it” defence.

According to an article released by the Daily Mail, and then regurgitated by whoever does all the mindless copy and pasting at Wish I Didn’t Know, a Wisconsin man named Michael F West decided it was better to argue with his wife using his fists rather than with his words and tried to blame a ghost for his assault when questioned by police.

“A Wisconsin man was arrested Monday after telling police that his wife was punched and strangled by a ghost,” reported the Daily Mail.  “Michael F West, 41, first told Fond du Lac officers that injuries sustained by his wife were from her falling down repeatedly outside.  When they pointed to marks on her neck, he responded, ‘a ghost did it,’ according to The North Western.”

Riding an awesome beer buzz from a Packer’s football game, West got upset that the family house is being foreclosed on, and didn’t take kindly to being told by his wife to get off his ass, get a job and start pitching in.  Her level headed suggestion ended with an attack where she was beaten, strangled and dragged around the kitchen.

Michael F West is now being held on $1000 bail and has been mandated to stay sober until his first hearing on January 27th, but given his track record at being an upstanding citizen, it’s only matter of time until he pulls out the “It’s not my crack pipe, it’s Casper’s” defence.

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