LulzSec launches post South Carolina primary trolling attack on Newt Gingrich Facebook page

Newt Gingrich surged from behind Saturday in the Republican South Carolina primary and pulled out a win against former front runner Mitt Romney, prompting the online hacktivist group LulzSec to celebrate with a blitz of the Newt Gingrich Facebook page.

At 12:39am on Sunday, the administrators for the LolzSec Facebook group made the following announcement on their wall:

What transpired after that was nothing more than what many would call a spirited invasion with anti Gingrich photos such as this being posted on his Facebook page.

Not to be outdone by simply tossing around some witty pictorial repartee, other LulzSec loyalists took the Facebook page with posting some rather literal takes on the former House Speaker’s first name.

Others, well aware of Gingrich’s bromance with former president Ronald Reagan, took to posting articles that included quotes of Reagan insiders slamming the Republican party for destroying the US economy.

Not to be overshadowed however, one Gingrich supporter posted an exert from a Facebook note that made a well weighed argument against the trolling onslaught.

And what about the original post by LulzSec asking their members to go visit the Newt Gingrich Facebook page?  At approximately 1:07AM, it had completely disappeared from their own Facebook page.  Either one LulzSec administrator wasn’t on board with the request to attack, or Gingrich supporters are smart enough to know how to use the “mark as spam” option on Facebook.

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