It’s Art – It’s A Puppy – It’s Candy!

Take a good look at the photograph below and then get you kisser puckered up for some delicious news … this art … is made entirely out of candy sprinkles.

Joel Brochu, a Canadian artist and student at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan put together this sugary sweet project placing 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles onto a 4-foot by 1.5-foot board over an eight month period.

The trick to the entire endeavour is that even though only 6 different colours were used in the creation of the piece, the eye is tricked into blending the colours together to create the desired tones and hues.  At a distance of 16 feet, the effect is nearly photographic.

Using a customized computer program, a template is created from an original image which guides the placement of each sprinkle. Taking just under 8 months to complete, once finished, it was permanently preserved with a clear acrylic resin.

What began as a university fine arts project on Pointillism and Georges Seurat, evolved into a remarkable artistic idea.


2 thoughts on “It’s Art – It’s A Puppy – It’s Candy!

  1. now this is my kind of art! changing pixels for candy such a simple idea I have been changing pixels for stitches in needle work never crossed my mind to use candy. The hours involved are mindblowing.


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