The Newest “Shocking” Extreme Sport – Tazer Ball

If you ask the LA Nightlife, the Philadelphia Killawatts, the Toronto Terror or the San Diego Spartans where the future of extreme sports is headed be prepared to have to pick yourself up off the floor with soiled pants afterwards because they’re all members of the Ultimate Tazer Ball league.  That’s right, Tazer Ball.

Taken from the official UTB website they explain the sport as follows:

Ultimate Tazerball, from here on referred to as UTB, is a 4 on 4 action sport involving a 200’ x 85’ rectangular playing field,

with one ball, 2 goals at opposing ends, and 8 Tazer apparatus.  The following will be a detailed rulebook, covering on

field play, safety regulations, equipment requirements, field regulation, and general player conduct, among other things.

The Ultimate Tazerball league, conceived of by Leif Kellenberger, has been developed in conjunction with several industry

partners (Erik Wunsch & Eric Prum) in order to bring a new, action packed team sport to the forefront of extreme sport.

UTB incorporates 20th century technolgy with team strategy in an action packed game. UTB is a high-octane experience

for both the participating athletes and spectators.

These guys even have a whole rule book of regulations and do’s don’ts for on field play complete with their own line of official merchandise for fans (there has to be at least a few) to show their team spirit.

If you can get over the initial “This has to be a joke” reflex and  think this might be the sport for you, one word of advice comes to mind:  Run.  Because only the person holding the ball can be tazed.

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