Google Tips Its Hat To Marriage Equality In Valentine’s Day Video (VIDEO)

There may be a lot of poo-pooers and nay sayers in the world who are ready to jump on Google’s back and try to take it down for being the internet behemoth that it is, but it seems that this year, for Valentine’s Day, the Google team has stuck to their “do no harm” mantra and given a nod towards marriage equality.

Google has featured a special Valentine’s Day animated video on their homepage for today’s special day depicting the timeless “boy likes girl, girl doesn’t notice, boy tries hard, girl notices when he stops trying” story line.  In the video, set to the music of “Cold Cold Heart” a boy uses Google to try and search out Valentine’s Day gifts to impress his young sweetheart, but it’s not until he gives up and joins her in some jump rope that she takes notice of him.

It’s right after the “boy gets girl” moment where the strong political and social message comes into play, as six pairings of couples including milk and cookies, a cat and dog and even an astronaut and an alien are splashed on the screen right beside two men in tuxedos holding hands and smiling.  That’s right, Google totally went there, and in doing so they have proven that for at least one day they are capable and willing to be on the right side of history in the struggle for marriage equality.


Oh, and while Google was getting all up in the fight for the rights of people to love who they want, Bing chimed in and had some stock picture of heart-shaped flowers up on their site – better luck next year guys.


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