Man Arrested For Skinning, Gutting, Beheading And Eating Cats

Jourdan Thompson points out the area where she says she witnessed her neighbor Jason Wilmert skinning and beheading a cat. (KBAK/KBFX)

(Pet Pardons News) – A woman in Bakersfield, California is calling on local authorities to charge her neighbor with the toughest penalties possible after she witnessed him skin and decapitate a cat on his property in plain view of the public.

Jourdan Thompson claims that after months of what she says was harassment by her neighbor Jason Wilmert, she saw the man with a tabby cat in his driveway committing unspeakable acts of animal cruelty.

“I looked out my window one morning,” Thompson said to KBAK/KBFX news “and I saw him like skinning the cat.”  She recounted that it appeared as though Wilmert was wielding a large kitchen knife in his attack on the cat.

“I looked back, and I realized he was cutting down the backside of the animal,” she continued “and I freaked out,” Thompson said. It was at this point that Thompson said she could not watch the gruesome event any longer and had to look away.  “And when I looked back, that’s when he was decapitating the animal. But it was all right here, in broad daylight,” she told the news agency.

Wilmert, 35, has now been given two misdemeanor charges in this case, one of them being “animals commonly kept as pets or companions; use as food,” but according to Thompson these charges are not enough and she is calling on authorities to enact stiffer penalties.

The report from KBAK/KBFX also details a history of serious and disturbing behavior by Jason Wilmert that had the community on edge for some time.

Thompson said she did not see Wilmert eat any animal. But, after seeing the attack next door, she had immediately called the Kern County Sheriff’s office. Thompson said deputies came out, and investigated in Wilmert’s house.

“They told me they found evidence of him eating the animals,” Thompson told Eyewitness News. “And, I hear that he says he was.”

Other neighbors said they believe Wilmert was burning cats in his back yard. Most said they frequently saw him starting fires.

From behind Thompson’s house there’s a clear view of Wilmert’s back yard over a short fence. Burned areas could be seen in the grass, there were piles of rocks, and small bags hanging up with what appeared to be sticks inside.

Neighbors clam that Wilmert was what they call “a loner” who kept primarily to himself and would not make eye contact with anyone.  A string of vandalisms and property destruction in the neighborhood have also been attributed to his erratic behavior.

This behavior displayed by Wilmert also led to the disappearance of Thompson’s puppy, but she has as of yet been unable to verify if Wilmert was responsible for the loss of her dog.

According to the same report by KBAK/KBFX, police in the Oildale community are blocked from placing harsher charges against Wilmert because current laws do not allow them to do so.

Kern County Supervising Deputy District Attorney Mike Yraceburn told Eyewitness News, the law banning the eating of pets was enacted by the Legislature as a misdemeanor.

“That’s what we’re limited to,” Yraceburn said. “That’s what we have to charge.” He added that prosecutors review cases, and file charges that match the specific circumstances.

Yraceburn could not comment about the case, but indicated officers believe Wilmert was catching stray cats and eating them.

Wilmert is currently in jail, and is expected to make an appearance in court on Friday.



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