Is Google Maps Showing Two Dead Bodies?

The photos of a woman falling down in Brazil as the Google Maps mobile drove by snapping shots for their online service had people around the world chuckling under their breath, but new photos of what many are calling a possibly grizzly scene in Mexico have those same people now holding their breath in shock.

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A post on the popular site Reddit entitled “I hope he’s just sleeping. In Chicxulub, México.” is leading readers to a location in Google Maps that shows two men laying spread eagle on their backs next to a car with both its front doors open.  Upon first glance, most might just see this as two party boys who had a little too much fun and are sleeping one off, but upon further inspection the scene may be more disturbing.

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The more visible man in a blue unbuttoned shirt appears to have what looks like blood on his right hand which is touching the wall of the building he is laying in front if, while the other man, partially obscured by the passenger side door appears to have what looks like a gun in his right hand.

Take a look at the photos here yourself, and you decide.


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