National Enquirer Publishes Photo Of Whitney Houston In Casket (PHOTO)

There’s low, and then there’s a low that cannot even be described when it comes to the death of a celebrity.  In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death, the Enquirer somehow snuck into the private viewing room housing the body of Whitney Houston before her funeral, and published a picture of her in her casket.

The Radiant God blog had the following to say, which rightfully raises the question of whether the photo was leaked by the family, or snapped by a crafty Examiner reporter.

Wow! I am not even sure how to respond to this. The National Enquirer has posted a photo of Whitney Houston in her casket as their front-page cover photo. I cannot help but wonder how this will affect their family, but at the same time, I have a horrible feeling that they may have possibly sold the photo. Either TMZ is trying to make waves, or they are on to something. TMZ released a report early February 21, 2012, saying that the Houston family was selling the Whitney Houston funeral videoin order to help Whitney Houston’s and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. Is it possible that not only did the family sell the video footage but also sold the casket photo?

The move, regardless of whether it was authorized by the family, has struck a nerve with Whitney Houston fans who feel the National Enquirer photo is just plain tasteless, rude, and hurtful. I am not posting the photo here, but trust me; you will not have a hard time missing it. The National Enquirer is sold in stores nationwide and the Whitney Houston casket photo sits right on the front cover; it is impossible to miss.

If you’re interested in seeing the photo of Whitney, you can do so by clicking the thumbnail below.


3 thoughts on “National Enquirer Publishes Photo Of Whitney Houston In Casket (PHOTO)

  1. I don’t understand how they would sell a video of whitneys funeral that’s crazy when it was on TV all over the world…and by selling a video can someone help me out her how would that help their child don’t make since to me.


  2. If you’re upset, then PLEASE join me by expressing your feelings
    to the people responsible!!! Here is the publisher and responsible
    parties of the National Enquirer:

    Roger Altman
    David J. Pecker, CEO
    Joe Weider (Weider Publications)

    David Pecker is the Chairman and CEO of American Media.
    [1] He is the publisher of National Enquirer, Star, Sun, Weekly
    World News, Globe, Men’s Fitness,Muscle and Fitness, Flex,
    Fit Pregnancy and Shape.

    1000 American Media Way
    Boca Raton, Florida 33464-1000
    United States
    Phone: 561-997-7733
    Fax: 561-272-8411

    This time lets do more than just complain by gving them a
    call and give them a piece of your mind !!!


  3. Jeezuus H. Christ.

    I wonder, do you think they buried her with her gold coke spoon too? If she had been, I’m sure they would have gotten a snap of that as well.

    As my Grandmother used to say, “I’ve just lived too long” and, “now I’ve seen everything”.


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