Girl Scout ‘Cookie Finder’ App May Just Be A Pedophile’s Dream Come True

Let’s forget about the fact that Girl Scout Cookies are pretty much responsible for a great deal of the death of orangutans in Indonesia, and let’s also forget the fact that the cookies are pretty much so chock full of chemicals they’s probably withstand the Mc Donald’s indestructible food test, but now, these sweet little discs of lard could actually help that creepy guy in the neighbourhood zone in on packs of young unsuspecting girls.

Say hello to the Girl Scout ‘Cookie Finder’ App:

The App, which was just chosen as Gizmodo’s “App of the Day” actually makes it possible for anyone with a smart phone to load the app, and find the nearest pocket of young girls, eager to make a sale of their confectionary fundraising products.  The iTunes store lists the features of the app as follows:

Find ‘em on the go: iPhone’s GPS will read your location and show you cookie sales nearby.

Easy to sort and view: Sort the listings by date or radius, or view them all on a map.

How far will you go to support your local Girl Scout troop?: 15 miles? 50 miles? Expand or limit the radius of which the app searches your area for sales.

The most comprehensive data available: The app contains cookie sale data from around the country, including the start and end of local cookie seasons to specific locations of sales.

Tell your friends: Post a cookie sale location to Twitter or Facebook, or send your friends an email.

Vote for your favorite: Tell us—and the world!—about your favorite Girl Scout cookie. Cast your vote on the app and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Not just a one-time thing: Use the “Bookmark” feature to save upcoming cookie sales.

Cookies everywhere: Find cookies by zip code to find them in areas other than your current location.

For iPod too: The app is compatible with iPod when it’s connected to the internet. Input your zip code and find your cookies!

Link up with Girl Scouts: Follow us on Twitter, join our group on Facebook, check out our new site just for girls, visit the cookie webpage, view videos on YouTube, and check out photos on Flickr!

No cookies? No way!: Connect with your local council to find out when you can get your cookies again.

Every cookie has a mission: To help girls do great things. Start with our app, and get your cookies now!

Weirdos, whackos and wing-nuts come in all shapes and sizes, but for now, finding a gaggle of young girls is only a tap away at the App Store on your iPhone.


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