Father Gets “Born This Way” Tattoo In Support Of Son (VIDEO)

For many LGBTQ kids it takes a lot of courage to come out to their families, especially when one or more of their parents can be best described as “traditional” or “old school” by everyone who knows them.  In the case of one young man, Dylan, his decision to come out as bisexual led his father to make a bold and meaningful step towards showing his love and support for his son.

Here’s the story from the words of his own sister:

So this is the brother haha my name is Dylan. My sister posted this video through my account on her phone. I can’t believe this happened! I am so grateful for my family and I hope that everyone watches this and takes from it that acceptance is possible! You were born this way!

My brother came out that he was Bisexual last year and it was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do and one of the most courageous. He was most nervous about coming out to my old school Italian father who can be a bit of a hardass but mush at heart. So my brother decided to get born this way tattooed on his wrist in gagas handwriting after he met her, for obvious reasons, and it meant and still does a lot to him. My dad yesterday before Dylan came home for spring break got born this way in Italian tattooed on his wrist to show his acceptance and deep love for his only son who he is so proud of every day. I love my family.


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