Evolution Class Causes Student To Completely Lose Her Mind

Before anyone gets it into their heads that what you are about to see has anything to do with a religious objection to the theory of evolution – think again.

A female student in the US was arrested and tazed by police this week after she threatened and assaulted several students in her class over a discussion about “Female Sexual Selection” in the peacock population.  Somehow, the discussion prompted the student to deduce that evolution and sexual selection were an apparent leading cause behind a conspiracy to eradicate every black person from the earth.

When the teacher couldn’t answer her question … she completely lost her shit on everyone in the room.

Yeah. Just watch the video.


One thought on “Evolution Class Causes Student To Completely Lose Her Mind

  1. When people learn things that completely challenge long held beliefs, they wig out. The thing I think is really amazing is how the instant security put her hands on her, all those students whipped their phones out and started video taping the situation. How weird is our culture?


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