Facebook Kicks Off New “Facebook Stories” With Powerful Video

Mayank Sharma woke up one morning and had lost an entire lifetime’s worth of memories.  His own mother, father, friends and family were complete strangers to him.  Even the reflection staring back at him in the mirror was unfamiliar and alien.  Over 27 years of experiences, friendships, deeds and dreams were gone almost overnight.

It was meningitis – and it robbed him of everything.

During his recuperation, Mayank began combing through the history of his web browser trying to reconnect himself, with himself, and when he came across a link to Facebook he couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen next.

The “People You May Know” feature offered on Facebook became Mayank’s lifeline in trying to recover as many pieces of himself as he reached out to the people in that list and they shared their memories of a man he knew nothing about.  A simple “Do you know me?” and the responses came flooding in.

Watch here how one man uses the helping hand of technology to reclaim the life that was living in the memories of those who knew him.


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