WATCH: Anti Gay Protest Goes Very Wrong (VIDEO)

For one man, the fact that one in every eight boxes of cereal sold in the United States is Cheerios, and its parent company General Mills just happens to support gay rights, was far too much for him to handle.

So what’s a dude to do?  March on up to company headquarters and set the mother on fire.  Apparently, he likes his Cheerios the same way he likes his homosexuals – flaming.

Listen to his impassioned words:

One out of every eight boxes of cereal in this country is Cheerios.  This is REALLY the treat now for the homosexuals, and this is our protest of General Mills advocating same-sex marriages.  So we are going to torch some cereal.

At this point, the box is lit, and flaming Cheerios begin raining down on the lawn in front of General Mills, and as the flames spread through the grass, so does the panic of the protestor, leaving him only one option …


4 thoughts on “WATCH: Anti Gay Protest Goes Very Wrong (VIDEO)

  1. I understand frustration can make stupid People do stupid things, possibly You should come to terms with Your own frustration at Your Own Sexual suppression then You would not have the resentment towards Others Who have the Self Confidence to be the Adults they were Born to be and Love Who they choose and not another lost Soul breeding more suppressed and confused People. I believe those Kids Filming You enjoyed Your display of irrational ignorance, so allow Me to ask what is it Your where trying to teach them and what You actually managed to show them ?


  2. Hey jackass, don’t you know that gluttony is a sin. Judging by your big, fat belly I’d say you’ve eaten yourself out of your place in heaven (not to mention house and home). How dare you try to enforce your ignorant views upon the rest of us. I hope the police see this video, find you and charge you with public endangerment. Your stunt with the fire was a lot more dangerous than any imagined scenario you idiots have about gay-marriage’s affect on society.


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