Man Who Tortured Kitten On Cell Phone Video Arrested

Originally posted on Pet Pardons

A Canadian man from Richmond, British Columbia has been arrested by police after a video contained on a second hand cell phone surfaced of him torturing a kitten for over 50 minutes.

Jordan Lucas used a cell phone to film himself in the acts of “throwing the kitten against furniture, punching, slapping, strangling, asphyxiation and spinning the black and white kitten around with a cord around its neck,” reported Global BC.

The phone that Lucas used to record the attack on the kitten was then subsequently sold second hand to a new owner who found the shocking video and turned it over to authorities.

“On April 26 we were contacted by a woman who had purchased a used cell phone,” said Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations for the BC SPCA. “To her horror, the cell phone still contained a video lasting more than 50 minutes of a helpless kitten being violently abused and tortured.”

Although the video did not show Lucas’ face, authorities were able to identify him through phone records and from a tattoo on his left hand.

During the initial investigation last month, it was also found that Lucas had outstanding warrants for his arrest, and if convicted on animal cruelty charges under Section 445. 1 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada he could face a fine of up to $10,000, up to five years in jail and up to a lifetime ban on owning an animal.

Given the severity of the video, and the injuries inflicted, it was the opinion of the SPCA that kitten likely did not survive.

This article was written by Pet Pardons Managing Editor – Jeromie Williams, who is also the host of the Pet Pardons News Radio show on Blog Talk Radio.


3 thoughts on “Man Who Tortured Kitten On Cell Phone Video Arrested

  1. Another sicko who gets off on torture. How are these monsters created? Genetics, environment? I hope that science will one day (very soon) be able to weed out and fix these disturbed individuals.


  2. I cannot believe the cruellty & inhumanity described here. I hope he receives the maximum punishment & is treated as cruelly as he treated that poosr kitten. Nothing could be too harsh for him.


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