Who Wants To Own Elvis Presley’s Pee Stained Underwear?

You would think that by now, all the Elvis Presley memorabilia that ever was going to hit auction, would have already done so, but one collector is airing some of the late great King’s dirty laundry, and in this case it’s as literal as it gets.

Framed for all the world to see and possibly bid on is a pair of white underwear with a glaring yellow stain where the King’s jewels were housed while performing in his infamous white suit in 1977.

Dave Thompson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The framed underwear which is accompanied by two photos of Elvis in his white suit will be going up for auction to commemorate the 35th anniversary of his death and according to Digital Spy “There are also home movies taken by his wife Priscilla, including their wedding day and when their daughter Lisa Marie first arrived at Graceland.”

But seriously, who really wants to own a soiled pair of Elvis Presley’s underwear, because according to sources, the framed britches are expected to fetch up to at least $15,000 and God only knows who is going to get them.

Oh Elvis, why couldn’t it have been the famous black suit … it covers stains so much better.

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


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