Koreans Going Crazy For “Kong Suni” The Farting Doll

You read the headline right, everyone in Korea is going bat crap crazy for a doll that eats, defecates and yes, farts on command.

Kong Suni, created by Korean toy manufacturer Young Toys, is intended as a potty training doll and to enact her super explosive powers all ones needs to do is rub her belly and out come the farts.

Running between $22 and $30, Kong Sumi is also available in a version where she pops out smiling yellow turds that can be flushed after use.  The Huffington Post explains that “Citing Kong Suni’s popularity and South Korea’s toilet-themed amusement park, as well as the“world’s biggest toilet” which is located in Japan, the news blog [Inquisitr.com] said that Asian countries seem to be a “bit more open and…experimental than others” when it comes to bathroom-related activities.”

It’s not certain if Kong Suni is coming to North America, but if she does let’s hope she also comes with her own tiny bottle of Beano for those times when cutting the cheese just isn’t good table manners.


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