Pit Bull Puppy Found With Horrific Rope Burns

(Photo CTV)

Written by Jeromie Williams for Pet Pardons News

A pit bull puppy in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada is struggling for her life after she was found on the side of a busy road with extensive rope burns to her muzzle.

According to CTV News, the puppy is also battling severe infections in both eyes, malnutrition, a rampant flea infestation and bad bone development which are all tell tale signs of significant neglect and abuse.

The city of Surrey and the BC SPCA are attempting to track down the owner of the dog due to fears that there may be other dogs and animals being treated the same way as the injured dog.

“At this point in time we’re looking for who her previous owner may have been,” Kim Marosevich with the Surrey Animal Care Centre said to CTV News. “At this point, I’m concerned about whether or not there are any puppies remaining in that individual’s care that are in the same circumstances.”

According to Marosevich, the young dog is still not in the clear, as her eyes have gotten progressively worse despite being placed on antibiotics and being treated with several ointments.

An investigation headed by the SPCA has been initiated.

This article was written by Pet Pardons Managing Editor – Jeromie Williams, who is also the host of the Pet Pardons News Radio show on Blog Talk Radio.


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