Gawker Website Labels Children’s 9/11 Art “Hilarious”

The sassy and viper tongued website Gawker, known for its over the top and sensational stories about pop culture, celebrities and social issues has offended pretty much everyone in the United States today for trying to draw humour out of the 9/11 attacks.

In an article entitled “The Hilariously Morbid 9/11 Art of Texas’ Fourth Graders,” Gawker writer Max Read attempted to extrapolate an ounce of humour from a Texas elementary school class project gone terribly wrong.

“What happens when you ask a bunch of eight-year-old kids to draw pictures of a horrific, scarring disaster that they not only lack the processing tools to understand but also happened three years before they were even born,” asked Max Read “You get drawings of stick figures jumping out of buildings with the caption “One-Way Ticket to Heaven,” he quipped.

Granted, the article itself remained a little more restrained, but in the end Gawker did what Gawker does best – acting like a 16-year-old attention whore to try and gain fleeting Internet popularity.

Max Read, this one’s for you.

Original story – [KFOX]

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


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