Has A Cure For Depression Finally Been Discovered?

Say what you want about pictures and videos of adorable cats on the Internet, because even leading experts agree that these types of images dramatically increase job performance and concentration, so who’s to say that depression won’t be on that list soon?

You can watch all the WWE you want, you can ride your bad ass Harley up and down the street annoying your neighbours and you can even be the biggest Debbie Downer in the world, but there’s something inexplicable about how fast your cold cold heart melts watching a kitten wrestle with a laser pointer beam or having flowers balanced on its heads while it sleeps.

Sure, there’s plenty of places you can go to see lolcats and kitty memes, and there’s a lifetime’s worth of cute cat videos on Youtube you can peruse, but what if someone told you that now there is a live 24/7 cat cam being run by the furry friendly people over at Animal Planet, free of charge?

That’s right kids!  The “Too Cute” program on Animal Planet has sponsored a live kitty cam with the Washington Animal Rescue League and they’ve all made it their purpose in life to give everyone “a huge dose of cute to brighten up the day.”  Yeah, yeah, yeah … keep telling yourself that you’re not about to lick the link below, because we all know what’s about to happen.

Click Here For Live Kittens!

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


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