Does Michael Vick Have A New Dog? (PHOTO)

(Photo: Crossing Broad via @MikeVick)

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast – A tweet sent out by Michael Vick on his Twitter account on October 4th, has animal advocates asking each other on the interwebz, does Michael Vick have a new dog?

The photo that was tweeted out by Michael Vick shows him sitting at the dinner table with his daughter while he watches football on his iPad, but upon closer inspection it became very clear that a box of Milk-Bone dog biscuits were clearly visible on the table.

According to USA Today “The picture was quickly deleted and replaced by a similar, biscuit-less one, showing Vick has enough sense to realize his dog ownership is a matter that’s best left private (for now at least). Luckily, the good folks at Crossing Broad caught the first tweet and saved the picture. (We added the arrow.)”

In case you have been living under a rock, the reason why this is shocking to so many people, is that Michael Vick was charged and arrested in 2007 on multiple counts of animal abuse stemming from his involvement in a gruesome dog fighting ring.

Wikipedia explains:

In July 2007, Vick and three other men were charged by federal authorities with felony charges of operating an unlawful interstatedog fighting venture known as “Bad Newz Kennels.” Vick was accused of financing the operation, directly participating in dog fights and executions, and personally handling thousands of dollars in related gambling activities. Federal prosecutors indicated they intended to proceed under the powerful provisions of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

While some are saying Vick has paid his due and should be left alone to live his life, others such as the No Way Subway Facebook group have been openly vocal about the prospect that Vick may have a four-legged member of the family.

I feel sick to the core of my heart …Vick tweeted this pic showing an open box of Milkbone dog biscuits on the table where his daughter is doing her homework and Vick is using his iPad. He later removed the pic and re-tweeted a new version with the Milkbone biscuits cropped out.

*Vick’s ban on having a pet expired when his parole ended. Regardless – I FEEL SICK <\3 Amelia

Does a convicted animal abuser ever have the opportunity to get out from underneath their past, or should Vick know better about how owning a dog looks to the public and accept the fact he will always be scrutinized over animal ownership?

Leave a comment below and speak your mind!

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


21 thoughts on “Does Michael Vick Have A New Dog? (PHOTO)

  1. HE SHOULD NEVER EVER BE permitted to have a pet of any kind, his kids can get their own pet when they get older. He should not even be permitted to be around kids alone either, he has a twisted and evil soul and you cannot change this EVER!!!!. I don’t even know how his kids can even stand to be around him. If a member of my family did what this man did to an animal, i would be horrified, disgusted, appalled and disowned. This is a sociopaths behaviour that can easily turn to humans under the right situation.


  2. Vick is a Sociopath, so he has no conscience, no real remorse. Sociopaths are masters at manipulating anyone to get what they want. Now, that he has a “family dog” he feels back in control, which sociopaths need to do. Ofcourse, it is well known that back in 2007, he had “family dogs” which he enjoyed seeing being used in dog fighting events, probably as bait dogs. This guy is a monster, and very, very dangerous to all animals, non-human and human.


    • I agree with you Joanie J Honard, Michael Vick is a piece of shit that should never be allowed to own another animal of any kind, and he has children? That makes me ill , Jeffrey Dahmer started out killing animals and then went on to kill young boys and men, then ate them. A child molester would never be allowed to adopt a child, so why would someone who tortures and kill dogs be allowed to adopt one. Makes no sense. ..


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  5. He should have received a life ban so he could never own any animal again especially dogs, I felt sick reading what he had done to all of those innocent dogs,, people like him should be shown to be what they are, animal abusers, he’s a coward not a hero.


  6. Michael Vick did more than engage in dog fighting. There are many cultures in which non-sociopaths engage in dog fighting. When the dogs of non-sociopaths refuse to fight or fight poorly, they are euthanized, normally humanely and normally by gun. The behavior that Michael Vick exhibited is sociopathic–he tortured the unsuccessful dogs by drowning, electrocution and beating. The lack of empathy that allowed him to participate in, and apparently enjoy animal torture is incurable. He can control his behavior if he chooses, but the empathic feelings that make torture unpleasant to normal people will always be missing in Michael Vick. He can’t be rehabilitated and therefore will always present a danger to dogs. It would not have been unreasonable for the judge to prevent him from ever owning a dog again, and it would have meant the world to whatever dog he has now. I know he’s handsome and talented–so was Ted Bundy. There is nothing more frightening in a human being than the lack of empathy that he continues to exhibit. He’s not fun or exciting to watch. He’s creepy and terrifying.


  7. Vick should not be allowed to own another dog for the rest of his life. He is not sorry for what he did. He is just sorry he got caught. Nothing more. Big man, taking and swinging a dog and tossing him and hanging him and killing them. He probably has someone placing bets for him somewhere on dog fights. I am glad that there are many animal lovers in the NFL especially on the defense because when they have their chance to sack Vick, they waste no time and they do plant him in the ground where he belongs.


  8. Having worked in the field of dog rescue, most recently with dogs that were removed from a dog fighting ring in the Bronx, I can tell you first hand, that despite the atrocious way in which these dogs were treated, they still wanted to lick the hand of the humans rescuing them and craved attention from each of the rescuers. Their ability to forgive is amazing and there is no way in hell that trust should be put back in the hands of the monster that created the mistrust to begin with! Mr. Vick never served one day in jail for the crimes he committed against the voiceless and defenseless souls, including, drowning, electrocution, beating and starving his dogs. The time he served in jail was for interstate gambling/racketeering. Please don’t be deceived by Mr. Vick into believing otherwise. If he had indeed been made to serve time for these crimes, he’d still be in jail!! Instead, he is back on the football field, making millions and being glorified by Eagles fans, all while the memory of the beautiful dogs he mamed and killed fades into a distant memory. Perhaps for them they do, but for those of us who will NEVER forget what he did, the memory of those dogs will never be forgotten. Dogs paid with their lives at the hands of this disgusting monster and all they care about is weather or not he can bring home a win for the team. Apalling. Absolutely apalling. Thank God for Karma. He WILL get his and NOT soon enough for me! Live by the sword, die by the sword……….


  9. Show me remorse and attempt at true repayment and I can forgive….but won’t forget. Vick has shown NO remorse to be forgiven by any stretch of the imagination and that paltry sentence he got for the extent of cruelty dealt with his own hands is a joke in the face of justice. Instead he continues to do what he wants to do and the feelings of how society views him be damned. He’s livin’ the life as far as he is concerned. I won’t be the least surprised if he murders a human being someday, he has no soul.


  10. Michael Vick is the worse type of criminal. His main victims, the dogs, have no voice but that which others provide. It is sad to think his daughter would not know the joy of pet ownership, but no, this man should NOT have a dog. Not ever. He may be a great football player, but he should not be playing professionally anymore, either. They have crucified other sports stars for gambling, why not Vick? I’ll tell you why. Because it involved dogs, not humans.


  11. I feel that had he been a regular smuck like anybody else on this planet he would have served far more time, lost his job as well as his right to ever own a dog of any kind. I think his “Football” career is the only reason he got off as light as he did. I know people who have gone to prison for dogfighting and who are still serving time long before Vick was ever convicted of this crime. I am involved with a group that does rehabilitation of the dogs that are found at dog fighting sites and over 85% of them are unwilling to fight and cruelly tortured and put to death at the hands of those entrusted with their care. If they manage to survive the training of dog fighters they often perish in the dog fighting ring. If they survive that and somehow manage to not go completely mad by being beaten, starved, abused, and often times neglected they studded out to the highest bidder or used as breeding stock for the next generation of dogs to be used. This is a cruel sport that needs to stop. It is a felony to participate or attend a dog fight for a reason. But he walked away after a very short period of time behind bars and everyone feels that he has served his time and the rest of the world should get on with their own lives. Until you have held a dog who has been starved, mutilated and maimed by these people during their final moments you have no right to tell me or others like me how to live our lives. We see first hand the damage that fighting does to these dogs. The long road to recovery they must travel in order to become companion animals and loved pets. I have nursed females back to health that were repeatedly rape bred until their female organs literally drop out of their bodies. I have seen first hand the scars and emotional issues these dogs face on a day to day basis for the rest of their lives. So until you have walked one mile in my shoes do not for one second feel you have a right to say that Michael Vick has a right to own a dog. The man forfeited that right when he put his financial gains over the needs of those animals and of his own family. What he did was not simply illegal, it was a lack of understanding or respect for life in any form. I understand that he did it for the money and claims he had no idea what was really going on, but there are witnesses to him having an active role in not only the running of this business but also in the death of many dogs. To me he forfeited all his rights and he should have forfeited his career as well.


  12. Vick absolutely loved inflicting pain and terror on these dogs. Do you really believe he can change because he was in jail? He deserves NOTHING! No sponsorships, no NFL career, definitely NO animals of any sort ever! Just because a Judge says it’s ok, doesn’t mean it’s safe for a helpless animal to be anywhere in Vick’s reach. The man’s a monster. Who the hell sold or gave him a dog anyway?


  13. Michael Vick shouldn’t be allowed near anything smaller than he is. I do not believe that he has changed. He won’t hurt the puppy because he knows the rest of the world is watching. To bad that someone has to be watched closely to be good. He is not good in his heart.


  14. What an incredible group of people that are rehabilitating these animals, Michael Vick got off easy and cheap, he stands as a hero to children, his football career should have come to a screeching halt in support of what he portrays to those who see him as a hero, Michael Vick is not a hero he is a coward only a coward would pick on a smaller weaker being. Did he do it for the money? Last I saw in salary caps he was doing just fine before he destroyed the hearts and souls of those poor animals. I hope Michael Vick never wins another game at least that would shorten his iconic football career.


  15. After what Vick did to countless innocent dogs, fighting them and killing them – NO – he should never again be allowed the privilege of knowing the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog. He put his own family pet in the ring with the fighting dogs and laughed when they got hurt or killed. He beat dogs to death with his own hands. He put jumper cables on the ends of their ears then covered them in water while they slowly died an agonizing death by electrocution. He drowned them, hanged them, shot them. His blood-stained hands will never be clean. And while society has chosen to turn a blind eye and have elevated him to role model status simply because he can throw a ball … animal advocates will never forget. He’s a monster – regardless of his paid for “redemption” – he’s a monster


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