The Shocking Truth About A Woman’s Period You Never Knew

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast

It took only one Facebook user on a mission for all mankind, to cause Bodyform, the maker of feminine hygiene products to finally fess up and admit that a woman’s period isn’t all white sheets, horse back riding, sky gliding and bike riding.

On October 8th, 2012, a Facebook user by the name of Richard Neill dropped the explosive bomb heard around the world, when he confronted Bodyform on their Facebook page with the following post:

There you have it folks, with the mighty blade of one fated Facebook post, the veil was lifted and the truth was splayed before us all as clear as day, leaving Bodyform with only one option.  They must come clean and admit to the terrible campaign of untruths and fanciful imagery they had used to deceive us for so long.

Caroline Williams, the CEO of Bodyform was forced to step forward and put all the myths of her company out on the table and shatter all the smoke and mirrors they had built around them and come clean about everything the world was finally catching onto about that special time of the month for women around the world.  Here, is that shocking and humbling video:

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


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