Good Samaritan Robbed While Saving Lives At Accident Scene


Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast 

A good Samaritan who stopped to offer her help at the scene of a car accident near Everett, Washington became a victim herself after a thief made off with $900 from her wallet while she stabilized two bleeding victims.

Peggy Ray, a mother of six teenage children didn’t hesitate to jump into action after she witnessed an accident on Interstate 5, but neglected to secure her purse which had two weeks of pay that she makes as a barista.  While she was busy dressing the wounds of two accident victims as emergency services were on route, someone else was busy dipping into her purse.

The Huffington Post has the story right here from the Associated Press:

Peggy Ray didn’t think twice when she stopped her car and ran to help victims of an accident on Interstate 5 near the Seattle suburb of Everett.

She crawled through a broken window Saturday and helped stabilize a bleeding driver and his passenger until an emergency crew arrived to rescue the people trapped in the partially submerged car.

But Ray told KOMO-TV that when she returned to her vehicle, $900 had been taken from her purse. It represented two weeks’ work for the Marysville barista who supports six teenage kids.

Ray says someone else who pulled over at the accident scene likely took the money from her purse.

Washington state troopers are investigating and hope a tip might lead to an arrest.

There’s no word whether a fund has been set up in order to make donations to cover her stolen money, but speak your mind in the comments below and shout out what you think should be done with the thief if the police track them down.

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


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