Brother Of Powerball Facebook Hoaxer Says Nolan Daniels Is “Selfish, Dishonest, Untrustworthy And Disloyal”


Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast

See that guy up there?  The one with the red flower standing next to the bride?  You’re about to learn a lot about him.

Millions of Facebook users were fooled into sharing a photoshopped picture posted last week by Nolan Daniels claiming he had won over $580,000,000 in the Powerball lottery and was giving away $1,000,000 to a random person who shared the photo, but now one member of the Daniels family is shedding light on the hoaxer, and it’s not pretty.

Derek Daniels, the brother of the now infamous Nolan Daniels spoke with Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast and painted a picture of Nolan as “the kind of man that only thinks about himself.”

“He is a troller and I think he needs some attention to make himself feel better about himself,” said Derek Daniels about his brother Nolan.

The relationship the two share is something you might find turning the pages of a tabloid, browsing Perez Hilton or getting a quick lunch break celebrity dish session from TMZ.  The two brothers have been estranged ever since Derek says that Nolan dated his ex longtime girlfriend in secret for eleven months behind his back.

We weren’t kidding about this story getting juicy.

The recent event was him dating my ex-girlfriend of 3+ years in secret for about eleven months. We have brother rules about respect and not walking where the other has walked before. We called it the 4 D’s – the Daniels Don’t Double Dip.

If he asked me face to face in the beginning, I would have been upset, but I would have swallowed hard and gotten over it. I am more upset with the fact that he lied to my face when I asked him many times and even more upset that every weekend story, hiking story, girls he banged stories and lunch stories were all made up for almost a year.

The dishonesty was hurtful to say the least … I have chosen to keep him out of my life. I have cleaned up enough of his messes. My moral compass does not bend that way.

Where this gets worse, and it does get worse, is the fact that Nolan Daniels now has a Facebook inbox that is so full of heartfelt messages from people in difficult circumstances ranging from sickness, to deaths in the family, to simply trying to provide for one’s family, that he can’t even receive any more Facebook messages.

Derek had some thoughts about that one too.

I did not see [the fake photo] at first for we are blocked from each other’s page on Facebook. I got a lot of calls, emails, text messages and Facebook messages about it though.

People at the office talked about it. I rolled my eyes at first, because it was an obvious fake. When I learned that people were sending sad stories about their life struggles, recent loss of loved ones, hurricane Sandy, loss of their home, illness and things of that nature to Nolan in [Facebook] messages, then I thought he would kill the post.

Why? Even though it is fake, most people do not pay attention to that, we are in the worst economy in eighty years, and it’s the holiday season. The thought of someone sharing winning restores faith in humanity. Sharing luck by paying forward luck. That’s sainthood.

Nice thought, but it was a joke. People hang on to the tiniest threads of hope nowadays.

The photo currently has over 2,000,000 shares and over 30,000 comments on Facebook, and given that Nolan Daniels nor Facebook are returning anyone’s calls about this, it looks like the photo is here to stay at least for now.

What do you think?  Is this a harmless prank?  Should people have known better?  Or has Nolan Daniels just won the douche bag for life award?  Let us know in the comments below.

Photo used with permission of Derek Daniels.

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


12 thoughts on “Brother Of Powerball Facebook Hoaxer Says Nolan Daniels Is “Selfish, Dishonest, Untrustworthy And Disloyal”

  1. People need to move on….lol….if anyone’s hopes and dreams were let down after finding out this was fake, that’s too bad for them but there is no reason to bash him for making up a prank on fb. Lol. It’s Facebook for crying out loud, if I won the lottery and wanted to give someone random a ton of money to help them out……I’d drive downtown and give some homeless people 100,000 dollars each. Of course he was playing a prank, my point being if it WERE real he wouldn’t give some random face booker a million dollars. He would start in his home town. It’s not his fault people are gullible. I am not condoning what he did in anyway, it was extreme yes, but it was a PRANK, plain and simple. People are obviously still naive cause its been a year and its still getting shared. Lol. Have you read all the sob stories on his fb? Some are sad, even believable…but if your life is so bad and your so poor…..DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOURSELF!!!!! Ugh, I’m so tired of people relying on handouts and the government to help them. If your job sucks, get a new one that you like or that pays better. Don’t ask a stranger for a million dollars then bash him cause your mad about his prank. Lol. And his brother is obviously vengeful, jealous, and bitter….lol. This is all lame and dumb. Pray for people who make you mad, don’t stoop so low and bash them for dumb things.


  2. WOW! I’ve never seen the author of an article’s bio posted predominately BEFORE the article… You must very highly of yourself buddy… I’m sure glad this is the standard of which the media is written…. you’re a moron & a gossip queen. don’t you have anything better to do than bash other people’s lives? Did it feel good to write all those nasty things about someone that was nothing more than hearsay? It seems as if you had one agenda in mind while writing garbage, revenge. What a sad little man you are….


    • It clearly wasn’t hearsay because it came from his brother, and was then further confirmed by Nolan himself. And yes, it did feel good to write the article, because I always enjoy interviewing people about interesting stories. As far as where my bio is, it’s actually on the righthand side of the page, not before the article, and when you get your own site you can start criticizing mine. Thanks for taking the time to leave a reply, dear reader.


  3. The way society is going with every day having so many fatalities,disasters,etc. and then we have morons like Nolan Daniels, that likes to tell little white lies that can do little more than hurt a tremendous amount of people that put their hope and faith in him! I can tell you right now that he’s a pretty lucky guy that he’s not living where I live in Canada … he’d have to hide for the rest of his life … we Canadians don’t take too kindly to b.s. … I also feel sorry for the rest of his family that has to go through the humiliation of one of their family members being slightly more than brain dead!! … with everyone telling him to f off and go away … maybe we won’t have to hear any more drivel from this poor excuse for a human being!!!


    • The Broca Divide’s article was skewed. Lisa Becker has quotes I. The article that were modified. Copy and paste the quotes into Google and see what you get. The actual quote is ““If I told you about the man he is, then everyone could agree he deserves some sense knock [sic] into him in a somewhat violent manner.” That was never said and creates a different perspective for sure. I chuckled when I read it, because anyone who has known Lisa long enough knows that stories can be rewritten and you have to dig for the meaning of what she says. Lisa never interviewed me or contacted me for comment. We were acquaintances, but I never had harsh feelings of her. We disagreed politically, but that is the norm, isn’t it? She is very far left and I am a moderate Libertarian. It’s easy to see we would butt heads there, but as far as I know we always got along personally. Anyway, crazy times and crazy stories. I was bored tonight and here we are. Cheers and good night to ya.


  4. Out of everything that I have read over the past week, this article from The Broca Divide appears to have both sides of the story and it’s shame your article is so one-sided. (link removed)


  5. Funny how when I posted this link to Nolan’s FB thread it was deleted and I was blocked. He’s asking for money from people but hiding facts from people. Makes me wonder. He won’t get a dime from me.


  6. Simply said … some people are just assholes … and here’s a guy who’s clearly a pathetic excuse for a human being … and a pristine example of one of the many reason this world is dark and evil. He’a a waste of time and energy. Zero tolerance for this nonsence.


    • People need to lighten up! This was a simple joke sent to only his friends. Only a moron would think the lotto ticket was real. Plus, anyone who is ripping him for giving false hope to people need to get a reality check. Who actually thought that some stranger you don’t know will give YOU out of who knows how many people the money. If anyone actually based their future on that and believed it so much that they were crushed to hear it was a prank, they are fools. Also, don’t look now, but the lottery gives people false hope every week. Why don’t all these people call up the states that participate in the Powerball and put them down for ruining their dreams? What’s even more sad is that this guy is trying to do some actual good out of this to help someone, and people are just hating on him. So, let me get this straight. People are bashing him for playing some simple joke on his friends, saying “how dare he give false hope to people”. However, these same people don’t want to donate $1 to help an actual person out that is in need. Now THAT is pristine example of the many reasons this world is more difficult than it needs to be. Anyone that has said anything negative about this guy (including his own brother, who really seems like he just hates life) should take a hard look at themselves.


      • Again .. this is all a lot of nonsense … and a sheer and utter waste of people’s time and/or energy. There are such important issues on the table … this is just foolishness. And as far as joke’s go … this isn’t a joke. There’s nothing humorous about it. It’s a bore.


        • he didn’t do this for someone’s benefit, the benefit was pure luck. He’s fake, he also posted a photo-shopped picture of BIll Gates with a promotion of money to fb audiences and now again also posted yet another fake 1 million dollar give-away. The guy is doing it to be famous and get lots of likes simple as that. He IS a jackass


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