LGBT Facebook Group Makes Social Media Push To Save Teen After Receiving Suicide Note


Main Update – Numerous sources have confirmed that Jayden is safe and out of any danger.  No further calls to the police or Jayden’s school are needed.

Just a few minutes ago, a post from the “Have a Gay Day” Facebook page alerted its members to an imminent suicide about to be carried out by one of its followers that was detailed in a powerful private message to the page:

Well um so I guess at least one person should have known this before I’m gone.  With the life that I’m forced to live I reached a point where it’s all too much to deal with anymore.  And even though I don’t really know any of you, but some of you did try to help, but Im just going to say my last goodbye before I pull the trigger.  Maybe after this people will care more about people like me, but until then, let my soul wilter to dust and be flown away by the wind, hopefully to a sunnier day.  Goodbye forever – Jayden.

Update:  4:00PM Eastern – After Have a Gay Day posted the suicide note to Facebook in order to mobilize their membership to save Jayden, the admin of the page updated their followers with information about their attempts to report the matter to the police, and was followed up by the following post:

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 4.05.30 PMUpdate: 4:22PM Eastern – The admin for the Have a Gay Day Facebook page have just released a statement condemning the Chicago Police Department for their inaction in attempting to locate Jayden.

Today this page was messaged by one of it’s followers talking about suicide. I immediately took it as a credible threat because it’s very serious to me to even say such a thing. I looked at the followers profile and saw that they lived in Chicago. I googled the number for the Chicago Police department. I then called the department and was basically told off. That I had just called in and I had to almost at a point argue the fact that I had not just called in. After being placed on hold about 30 seconds which felt like a lifetime the officer came back online and asked me what was up. I told them I had just received some information and started telling them the school name and the persons name that they went by and they cut me off and asked for an address. I told them I didn’t have their address and they told me essentially that they couldn’t help me. That I needed to get friendlier with them and get their address. That they lived in a big city and that was about it. Then the phone call ended.
I have this to say to the police department. Please start caring.



3 thoughts on “LGBT Facebook Group Makes Social Media Push To Save Teen After Receiving Suicide Note

  1. All if fine with this person. I have taken action today to ensure Jayden was safe and was in contact with his school! Thank you all for caring and trying to help keep our youth safe and supported.


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