Dear Aux Vivres: It’s Not Me, It’s You (How To Break Up With A Restaurant)

aux-vivres-montreal-reviewDearest Aux Vivres,

I know the phrase “It’s not you, it’s me” gets thrown around a lot these days, and I know that to some people it’s just a way of not dealing with their issues or feelings. I for one take this statement very seriously when I use it and only do so when it truly fits the situation at hand.

Which is why I am not using it today.

Quite frankly, since about a year ago our relationship has changed a great deal. You’re not interested in the same things we used to share. When we spend time together I feel like you’re somewhere else entirely. You don’t take care of yourself the way you used to, and I’m sorry to say it, but you’ve gained weight.

I’ve tried to talk to you about our relationship, and on two occasions you promised you would change, but you just ended up making things worse by following the same path that got us to where we are now.

You’ve changed Aux Vivres – you went from it being about us, to it being only about you.

We used to have so much fun together. Whether it was our long summer sessions about our goals to make the world a better place, or when we would just laugh and talk about the things we had in common while our noses defrosted in the chilly winter, I always felt like we wanted the same things. These days, I don’t know what you want, and quite frankly, I don’t know who you are any more.

It’s not me Aux Vivres … It’s you.

You don’t smile any more, you don’t put the same kind of effort into making quality moments like you used to, and when you started making more money it changed you into this thoughtless and careless black hole with only one thing on its mind.

You’ve let everything you stood for, everything you built yourself on, just kind of slip away in your pursuit to get rich. Everything about who you are, and what you stood for has suffered for it, and I just can’t stand around and wait for you to change back to who you were before. So I am sorry Aux Vivres, but I’m breaking up with you.

I can’t see you any longer, because watching what you are doing to yourself breaks my heart.

I will always cherish the years we have spent together, the countless hours and meals we shared, but there comes a time and a place when one realizes, you’re just not what I’m looking for anymore. You’re not good for me.

Good luck Aux Vivres. I stuck it out with you, I gave it my best shot, but you’re just not the same person you used to be and that’s sad, because you used to be pretty awesome.

Good bye.

PS – For anyone who is confused right now, I’ve decided never to go back to Aux Vivres because their food prices have gone up while their food quality and service have plummeted through the basement floor. Cheaper, non organic and non fair trade items have been replaced with generic Marche Metro quality ingredients to save money, but have only resulted in prices going up. I’ve had enough of servers who are visibly irritated and not enjoying their job, serving me a plate of their negativity with my meal. Most of all, I won’t be going back because no matter what you say, no matter the advice you give, no matter how many times you complain in the hundreds you have visited the restaurant, they still stand behind their decision to raise the price of their specials simply because they’ve added a tiny bit of limp iceberg lettuce and a few slivers of shredded beets beside the ever shrinking portions they serve.

You sold out Aux Vivres – so me and my large circle of friends have checked out.

UPDATE:  Although Aux Vivres has since decided our breakup was too much for them, and deleted my post, it wasn’t before they responded and talked about how offended they were that I had problems with their restaurant.  I give you Jessica:  Social Media Coordinator for Aux Vivres in all her glory.

Dear Jeromie,

Your message does not include any complaint or concern that I have not addressed with you in the past. (i.e. our rising prices and non-organic ingredients). Since you are already aware of the reasons why we have recently raised our prices, and that we strive to include as many organic ingredients in our food as possible, I cannot further address these concerns.

Again, concerning the plate of negativity you feel is being served to you: it is impossible for me to solve this problem if you address it after the fact, via Facebook. I have suggested to you in the past that you ask to speak with one of our managers, who would be more than happy to help you if you feel that your waitress is rude or does not satisfy your service expectations–and obviously our high standards of service as well. I would like to reiterate that we do not accept anything less than perfection from our service staff, and are, again, shocked that you feel our servers do not meet these standards.

Not only would our trusted managers be more than happy to address your concerns about our wait staff, they would also make sure that our food is to your liking. Since I have also already explained this to you in the past, I will not emphasize this point any further.

We appreciate your heart-felt breakup message, but –> I am honestly quite offended <– that after all this time and everything we have been through, you still feel the need to address these issues publicly instead of one-on-one. I have consistently addressed your complaints with discretion, respect and reason over the past few months–even double checking to make sure that your disappointments have been mended–and am disappointed that you still feel the need to address your concerns for all to see, instead of personally with me or one of our managers.

We at Aux Vivres sincerely hope that you will reconsider ending our relationship. After everything we’ve been through, we hope that you will one day come back to us.

We’ll be waiting,
Jessica – Social Media Coordinator

Turns out that Jessica actually won’t be waiting for me after all.  Being chastised for talking about a customer’s history with the restaurant in public didn’t sit too well with her.  Her offence at my complaint then resulted in this unfortunate “let’s still be friends” deal breaker.


Jessica always did take things a little too personally …


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