Justin Bieber Has A Freaking Pet Monkey – Seriously.


Photo: Instagram (lastkingmm)

Forgive me, for I am about to sin.

I am breaking one of the cardinal rules of this blog, which is to never, EVER, write about Justin Bieber, but when news hit today that his pet monkey was confiscated from him at a Munich airport my first reaction was “Aww, that poor monkey” which was followed up with “And what the hell is he even doing with one?!”

Animal rights activists, activate!

The pet Capuchin named Mally is alleged to have been given to The Biebs on March 1st by music producer Jamal Rashid for his 19th birthday, which leaves at least me asking the question:  Do Mally and Justin Bieber now use the same diaper changing table, or do they both just throw their own feces at the wall for the staff to clean up?

Sky News, explains:

Bieber took Mally on a Cessna Citation X he rents for £13,000-a-time from LA to Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport on Thursday, The Sun reported, ahead of his gig at the city’s Olympiahalle.

The Canadian star was detained “for some time” while customs officials took Mally into quarantine at the airport.

The singer faces a fine of more than £10,000 and will have to pay for the animal’s care.

A customs spokesman confirmed to Sky News that Justin Bieber tried to bring his monkey into Germany without the correct papers on Thursday.

The monkey is currently being held in quarantine until the singer produces the correct paperwork.

Not to get all political on you folks, but as far as I am concerned, monkeys don’t belong being carted around the planet as some celebrity’s cute exotic accessory, they belong in the jungle eating bugs and bananas and getting all the sweet monkey action they can get.  God help the monkey that has this human as its owner:

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


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