I See What You Did There iRef App (Easily Avoidable Social Media Disasters)


Important Lesson:  When your new product is built on the promise of lead generation and referral generation, one might not want to buy your Facebook followers from India. It kinda makes you look bad.

If you happen to be the owner of the recently launched iRef App, I bring you tidings of great news and joy. I am about to offer you some free and valuable advice.  Got your pen out?  Great.  Let’s get started.

Now listen. I know you launched your Facebook page back in December of 2012, and things have been … well … let’s just say they have been kind of slow haven’t they.  It’s totes frustrating isn’t it?  It’s all like “Grr, why isn’t anyone liking our page yet?  Me smash keyboard.  Rawr!”

I get it.  I’ve been there, done that and helped dozens upon dozens of companies tackle that problem.  With a few press releases, media outreach campaigns and a little elbow grease a lot of buzz is possible.  It’s totally doable on a small budget too, and I just wish I could have found you guys sooner before you started off on the wrong foot (that foot reference is gonna come back around in 30 seconds so look out for it).

Let me explain.

The iRef App is supposed to be a lead generating and lead referral social networking app designed to help bring service providers and customers together through social media.  Awesome.  Great idea.  People always need services, and linking in social media is a sweet and effective way to gain market traction.  Also, hey, how great is it that you can showcase the power of your app by using it to attract your own customers and grow your social media following right?

I mean off the top of my head, a simple YouTube video showing how your product got you all the leads and social media klout your little heart desired, would have totally been a fantastic and powerful endorsement of the product you’re selling.  See where I’m going here?

Nothing could go wrong with that plan or anything similar as long as you made sure that you always showcased how your product helped itself succeed.  Sure it takes a little extra work, but if your product is as powerful and effective as your marketing says it is, then there wouldn’t be a need for you to go out and do something silly like, let’s say, buy fake Facebook followers from India now would there?

Oh … crap … you totally did that, didn’t you?  Let me show you how I figured it out.

Step 1 – Notice that a Facebook page with almost 100 followers has zero likes, shares or comments on their content from anyone except page admins since December of 2012, and become intrigued enough to check their page stats to find this:

iRef App

Step 2 – Use basic Social Media 101 super powers to deduce that on our around April 6th, 2013 the most likely reason why the number of followers jumped from zero to almost one hundred in the course of 2 days, and they’re all mostly from India, leads me to give some free advice that was promptly deleted:

iRef App 2Step 3 – Write cautionary blog post to aforementioned company in the hopes that it can be a teaching moment for the new startup, and any new startup using social media.

Unfortunately for you iRef App, shuffled in between all the Google search results for fancy websites offering “real Facebook followers” or “cheapest rates for Facebook followers” were also articles warning against using such services because they add absolutely no value to a social media account other than cosmetically boosting their follower numbers.

Ya fell for it iRef.  Ya done goofed.

And in the process of it all (I told you all to wait for it) you shot yourself in the foot because you couldn’t even quantify your own product to get you the same kind of results it sells.  How are all these nice people on the Internet supposed to believe that your product can get them leads, when you just go and buy yours from India?

Think about it.  Use your noggin next time.  Either that or hire a social media person.  We’re here to help, it’s what we do.  Because we’re lovers.

Jeromie Williams Eats The Internet For Breakfast


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