Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield Films First Outer Space Music Video, Becomes Coolest Person In The Universe

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield may only have a few days left in his five month stint aboard the International Space Station, but he managed to squeeze in the creation of the first ever music video shot entirely in outer space.

That’s right, if being Canadian didn’t already make him cool, this certainly cements it now.  His version of “Space Oddity” by David Bowie is arguably even better than the original.

Hadfield has enjoyed somewhat of an unprecedented worldwide celebrity status while on the International Space Station through his engaging use of social media and by interacting with youth through sing alongs and live experiments broadcast from space.

In a few days when he’s back amongst the gravity stricken, I’m sure Chris Hadfield is going to be fielding a wave of performance requests.  I for one would pay to see him play live.  What about you?

Editors Note:  Chris Hadfield, you’re now the coolest person in the universe and I would like to buy you a beer when you get back.  My treat.




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