60 Other Things Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Done Besides Smoking Crack In A Video

Courtesy of Gawker

Courtesy of Gawker

What with the bombshell being dropped by Gawker and the Toronto Star about the alleged video showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, a team of fine upstanding citizens have put together a list of 60 other things Rob Ford has done besides smoking crack in a video.

MAJOR UPDATE:  Check out the updated list of “113 Things Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Done Besides Smoking Crack In A Video

Take a look for yourself at his illustrious career.  Side note though:  It’s not that illustrious.

Special Update:  November 1st, 2013 – You may as well call this #61, as mayor Rob Ford calls into a radio station as a man named “Ian” and tries to defend himself.

1 2/15/1999 Arrested in Miami, Florida, for DUI and receives a marijuana conviction; convicted; denies charges later during mayoral campaign until presented with evidence.
2 6/13/2001 Ford questions a grant for a video about homosexuality in Toronto’s South Asian community, telling The National Post: “I have no problem giving money out to physically or mentally handicapped children or seniors, but spending $5,000 on this video is disgusting, it is absolutely disgusting to spend this amount of money on this, whatever it was called, video.”
3 3/6/2002 During a council budget debate, Ford calls fellow councillor George Mammoliti a “Gino-boy.”
4 4/17/2002 During a council debate on whether there should be homeless shelters across the city, rather than only downtown, Mr. Ford says: “This is an insult to my constituents to even think about having a homeless shelter in their ward. And you want me to have a public meeting to discuss this? Why don’t we have a public lynching?”
5 6/14/2005 Ford questions the utility of grant programs for transgendered and transsexual people during a council debate. “I don’t understand. No. 1, I don’t understand a transgender, I don’t understand, is it a guy dressed up like a girl or a girl dressed up like a guy? And we’re funding this for, I don’t know, what does it say here? We’re giving them $3,210?”
6 7/19/2005 During a council debate over a pothole, Ford calls fellow councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby “a joke. She’s a waste of time. A waste of skin.”
7 4/15/2006 Security guards remove a drunken and belligerent Ford from a Maple Leafs game. After being asked to be quiet, Ford yells, “You right-wing communist bastards,” and “Who the fuck do you think you are? Are you a fucking teacher? Do you want your little wife to go over to Iran and get raped and shot?”
8 6/28/2006 Ford declares during a debate on a $1.5 million AIDs prevention program: “If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably. That’s the bottom line…. How are women getting it? Maybe they are sleeping with bisexual men.”
9 3/7/2007 Comments about cyclists: “My heart bleeds for them when I hear someone gets killed, but it’s their own fault at the end of the day.”
10 3/5/2008 Comments about Asians during a holiday shopping debate: “Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out. They are workers non-stop. They sleep beside their machines. That’s why they’re successful in life. I went to Seoul, South Korea, I went to Taipei, Taiwan. I went to Tokyo, Japan. That’s why these people are so hard workers (sic). I’m telling you, the Oriental people, they’re slowly taking over.”
11 3/26/2008 Ford is charged with assaulting his wife and uttering a death threat. The charges are later dropped because inconsistencies in Renata Ford’s accounts make a conviction unlikely.
12 6/4/2010 Ford offers to help an ill man “score” the powerful painkiller OxyContin in a taped phone conversation: “I’ll try, buddy, I’ll try. I don’t know this shit, but I’ll fucking try to find it. Why don’t you go on the street and score it? Fuck, you know, I don’t know any drug dealers at all.”
13 7/14/2010 The Toronto Star reports that the Toronto District School Board asked Mr. Ford to stop coaching high school football after possibly roughing up a student player in 2001.
14 8/12/2010 City’s integrity commissioner finds Ford had violated council’s code of conduct by using his official letterhead to solicit donations totaling $3150 from lobbyists and corporations for his private charitable organization, the Rob Ford Football Foundation. Council recommends he repay this money at its next meeting on Aug 25. Ford does not do so.
15 8/12/2010 Ford tells The Toronto Sun that in-camera council meetings have “more corruption and skullduggery going on in there than I’ve ever seen in my life.” He also says council’s decision to award an untendered 20-year contract to a pub operator “stinks to high heaven.”
16 8/17/2010 Ford argues for a cap on immigration in the city of Toronto: “We can’t even deal with the 2.5 million people in this city. I think it’s more important we take care of the people now before we start bringing in more. There are going to be a million more people — according to the Official Plan, which I did not support – over the next 10 years coming into the city. We’re not in the fiscal shape, we’re not in the social shape, to be taking any more people into this city right now.” Previously, in March 2003, Ford had suggested Toronto be declared a “refugee-free zone.”
17 12/21/2010 A Toronto Star story shows that Ford and his aides made misleading statements about his academic career implying that he attended Carleton University for three years (dropping out two credits short) and played varsity football for the Carleton Ravens. In fact, he dropped out of Carleton after one year, and former Carleton Ravens players are doubtful that he ever dressed for a game. York University confirms that Ford took six continuing education courses, completing “some, but not all” of the first-year courses.
18 5/13/2011 Audited for violating election campaign spending rules (improperly paying for his campaign expenses, wrongly borrowing money from his family’s holding company (Doug Ford Holdings), exceeding the campaign spending limit and accepting corporate contributions)
19 6/23/2011 Ford announces his intention to skip the Pride parade in favour of a Canada Day family weekend at his cottage, becoming the first mayor of the mega-city to miss the event. “We’ve been in Huntsville for the past 30 (years), as long as I can remember, since I’ve been a little boy. I’m carrying on a tradition my father had. Last year I was there during the campaign, we’re there every year,” he claims, although photos later surface of Ford at a Canada Day event in East York in 2010.
20 7/22/2011 Ford seen driving while using his cell phone; makes obscene gesture at woman and six-year-old daughter after mother tells him to get off his phone
21 10/24/2011 Ford flees into his house and calls 911 three times after a crew from CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes including Mary Walsh in character as Marg Delahunty approaches him in his driveway. Multiple sources claim Ford verbally abuses the 911 dispatcher, yelling, “You … bitches! Don’t you f–king know? I’m Rob f–king Ford, the mayor of this city!” Ford’s wife, Renata, reportedly places another 911 call at 10:17 the same evening, this time in regard to a verbal altercation between herself and Ford.
22 12/13/2011 TTC chief general manager Gary Webster reports that cancelling Transit City in favour of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s subway-focused plan will cost $65 million in penalties.
23 12/25/2011 Ford’s mother-in-law calls 911, claiming that Ford has been drinking and is taking his children to Florida against his wife’s wishes.
24 1/1/2012 Photographed at the 2012 New Year’s Levee with his arm around Jon Latvis, a member of neo-Nazi band RAHOWA (Racial Holy War), who is attired in the uniform of the Latvian Homeguard.
25 1/29/2012 A report by the law firm Cavalluzzo, Hayes, Shilton, McIntyre & Cornish says Ford exceeded his legal authority when he cancelled Transit City without city council approval.
26 2/7/2012 Council votes to rescind the Aug 25, 2010 recommendation to make Ford repay illegal donations. Rob Ford speaks during debate on the matter and votes on the relevant motion; it is later alleged he broke the Municipal Conflict-of-Interest Act by doing so.
27 2/8/2012 Council votes 25-18 for a plan by TTC chair Karen Stintz to resurrect the Transit City light-rail scenario approved by the city, the TTC and the province in 2009 under former mayor David Miller, and killed by Ford shortly after he assumed office. Ford dismisses city council’s will, calling their defeat of his alternative transit plan “irrelevant.”
28 2/21/2012 While TTC chair Karen Stintz vacations out of town, transit commissioners call a special meeting and vote 5-4 to fire TTC chief general manager Gary Webster two weeks after Webster testifies to council that he cannot justify Ford’s vision of running the entire Eglinton LRT line underground, raising the cost of the line by $2 billion. Webster’s contract stipulates he is to be paid more than $560,000 in salary (plus benefits) over two years, in compensation for being fired without just cause, about $160,000 more than if he had been allowed to work until his planned retirement in July 2013. Frank Di Giorgio, a Ford ally and one of the five voters behind Webster’s firing, suggests that more senior transit managers may lose their jobs for not “respecting the office of the mayor.”
29 3/17/2012 A St. Patrick’s Day reveller reports seeing Ford “stumbling down the street … inebriated and sweaty but in a jovial way” and tells him “You’re the worst mayor ever.” Ford allegedly walks over, kissed her on the forehead, and responds, “I know, but I try.” Ford then heads into a private room in the Bier Markt on the Esplanade, where a staffer describes him as “incoherent” and “hammered.” The DJ working that night reports Ford is fighting and carrying on “like an idiot.” After “storming the dance floor,” Ford is asked to leave and escorted out by his own staff and members of the restaurant’s security team.
30 4/18/2012 Ford announces his intention to skip the Pride parade for a second straight year.
31 5/2/2012 Ford applies to buy a 2,800-square-foot publicly owned parkette adjacent to his house. His stated aim is to build a better fence to ensure his family’s security; his agent says they have no plans to build on the land, though this is contradicted by a interview taped on July 15, 2010 in which Ford declares his intention to tear down his bungalow in a few years and build a “nice” house.
32 5/2/2012 Shouts at, then raises his fist and chases Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, who is standing on public property, examining the public property Ford is attempting to purchase. Ford succeeds in mugging Dale for his cellphone and tape recorder.
33 6/6/2012 Ford asks council to scrap the bylaw forcing retailers to charge five cents for plastic shopping bags. Council does so, but also spites mayor by voting to scrap the bags entirely as of Jan. 1 (a decision that is later overturned).
34 6/18/2012 Having missed several previous weigh-ins and endured both ridicule from his brother Doug and a viral video showing him being heckled while coming out of a Kentucky Fried Chicket outlet, Ford falls short of his stated goal in his “Cut the Waist” challenge, losing no additional weight in his final weigh-in and then stumbling off the scale and twisting his ankle.
35 6/18/2012 Around this time, a photograph circulates online of a bleary-eyed and dishevelled Ford posing with a bachelorette party.
36 6/25/2012 Ford skips a Pride flag raising ceremony on City Hall’s green roof, immediately outside his office.
37 6/27/2012 Ford has verbal altercation with streetcar driver after allegedly driving past the streetcar’s open front doors.
38 7/9/2012 Ford comments on paying for transit expansion: “I cannot support taxing the taxpayer.”
39 8/14/2012 Photos appear on Twitter showing Ford reading documents while driving on the Gardiner Expressway. Ford admits to reading work documents.
40 9/12/2012 Reports indicate Ford uses city staff and taxpayer-funded cars and cellphones to assist him in his football coaching duties
41 9/20/2012 Ford uses his influence to expedite drainage and road repairs in front of Deco Labels, his family-owned business, in time for its 50th anniversary party.
42 11/1/2012 Ford skips 2½ hours of a council meeting to coach a semifinal football game. Two TTC buses are then diverted to pick up his football team following a post-game brawl, leaving passengers stranded in the rain in rush hour. Ford places a phone call to TTC chief executive officer Andy Byford when the first bus fails to arrive quickly enough.
43 11/13/2012 Ford stands trial for Boardwalk Pub libel case.
44 11/13/2012 Picture of Ford’s Escalade with newly and illegally tinted windows is posted online.
45 11/15/2012 Ford skips out on his own trial early to coach football.
46 11/20/2012 Ford stumbles and falls while demonstrating a football play before television cameras; an animated GIF of the incident goes viral.
47 12/12/2012 Gardiner Expressway revealed to be nearly unsafe for use; it turns out a study on what to do about it was shelved two years ago.
48 2/23/2013 Ford arrives late to the Toronto Garrison Ball, a gala event celebrating the Canadian armed forces, speaking in a rambling, incoherent manner that alarms guests. He is asked to leave because organizers are concerned he is impaired.
49 3/5/2013 Ford continues to solicit donations to his football foundations from lobbyists nearly immediately after the order that he be removed from office for doing the same is overturned.
50 3/8/2013 Ford allegedly propositions and gropes fomer mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson.
51 3/8/2013 Ford’s claims that former Don Bosco football players would be dead or in jail without his coaching are disputed by former Don Bosco football players.
52 3/8/2013 Number of lobbyists registered at City Hall in 2012 is triple the 2010 figure; number of subjects being pushed doubles; allegations of misconduct triples; daily communications between lobbyists and public office holders increases tenfold
53 3/22/2013 Ford gives a rousing pro-casino speech to an audience of orthodox Jews at a religious event.
54 3/24/2013 Rob Ford calls into Closing Arguments with Steven Skurka, a legal affairs radio show on Newstalk 1010, to criticize Richard Kachkar’s legal defence in his trial for the first-degree murder of Sgt. Ryan Russell on the night before the jury is set to deliberate. Ford says Kachkar will walk if he’s found to be not criminally responsible. The panelists cut Ford off repeatedly to explain that he won’t. Concerns are raised that Ford’s comments may result in a mistrial.
55 3/27/2013 Parents from Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School meet to discuss whether they want Ford to continue coaching football there.
56 4/1/2013 Ford pretends to vomit when asked at a press conference about the Metrolinx wish list of taxes and tolls to fund transit.
57 4/15/2013 Ford walks face-first into a television camera. “Ah fuck, man. Holy Christ!” Ford yells, bending over and grabbing his eye. “Holy. Guys have some respect, you just hit me in the face with a camera.”
58 4/21/2013 Ford offers on his radio show to explain to women how politics work, an offer that many women in Toronto regard as patronizing. Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam co-organizes an event to give an explanation of politics from a woman in politics, and offers to explain to Ford how politics work for women.
59 5/6/2013 Maple Leafs great Johnny Bower receives an ovation when he is shown on the Jumbotron at the team’s first playoff home game in nine years. Cheers turn to boos as Ford jumps into the shot for a handshake, and the camera abruptly cuts away.
60 5/14/2013 Minutes after arriving at a community council meeting debating the controversial Humbertown condo proposal, Ford leaves to join David Price, his director of operations and logistics, in wandering around the parking lot and slapping “Rob Ford: Mayor” fridge magnets on cars. Following a citizen complain about a possible bylaw infraction, Ford is investigated by the city’s municipal licensing and standards department and faces a potential $150 fine.
61 5/16/2013 Gawker publishes a story alleging the existence of a recently-taken video of Ford smoking crack cocaine. The Toronto Star runs a front-page story corroborating the video’s existence.

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21 thoughts on “60 Other Things Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Done Besides Smoking Crack In A Video

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  4. Rob Ford is a fat racist, homophobe piece of shit that that should be put in prison. He has no business even being in the city of Toronto and should go back to the suburbs with the rest of the fat trash that support him.


    • Please elaborate on how he’s a good mayor. There’s no shortage of lists about what makes him a terrible mayor, I’d sincerely like to see a list of his accomplishments.


      • Well, he got to smoke crack without losing weight… his crack habit has surely helped some poor dealer make a few bucks and lets see now..what else is there oh yes he declared that his wife keeps him well fed so I guess he’s not embarrassed to publicly declare that females have a use.


    • Please elaborate on how he’s a good mayor. There’s no shortage of lists about what makes him a terrible mayor, I’d sincerely like to see a list of his accomplishments.


      • Amazing how many support comments for Rob Ford seem to be written by Rob Ford himself or by one of a few workers who are paid to write Rob Ford-positive comments all over the internet, using many different user names. Few supportive comments are written coherently, have the benefit of good grammar, or make much sense.


  5. All I see are bunch of bullies. Rob ford support is still strong. All I see are alleged this and that no proof. Ya Rob ford is rough around the edges with his comments but that’s ok. He is the only mayor who try to save money. “TRY” which other mayor even tried. Why you bullies don’t go after the liberal govt for wasting close to a billion dollar your tax money gone. But no you morans want talk about RoB Ford. Ooh look how fat he is. Ooh look what he said. Come on people grow up stop been bullies and go after the real villains the people who wasted close to a billion dollars wake up.


  6. You forgot that he is the only politician in all of North America where he has spent less money than the year before. Also he saved the tax payerS $1 billion dollars. He also refuses to come to the beckon call of the local elites. They both do not accept a pay cheque and donate it all to charity as they are both independently wealthy. You socialist creeps need to go to a communist country like China where you belong. He is the only politician in all of North America that respects the tax payer AND DROPPED TAXES INSTEAD OF INCREASING THEM.


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