Stunning Results Of Student Science Experiment: Plants Will Not Grow Near WiFi Router


Photo courtesy of Kim Horsevad, teacher at Hjallerup Skole in Denmark.

When five ninth-grade students in Denmark set out to experiment with effects of cellphone radiation on the human body, little did they know they would stumble upon some stunning results indicating that plants will not grow near a wi-fi router.

Not so surprisingly, the scientific community is now slamming their collective heads against their desks and saying “how in the hell did we miss that.”

Five students at the Hjallerup School in Denmark embarked on the experiment after noticing a drop in their ability to concentrate in class after sleeping with their cellphones near their head at night.  They surmised that the temporary effect had something to do with the amount of cellphone radiation they were being expose to at night and concocted an ingenious plan to prove it.

The team of five girls placed six trays of Lepidium sativuma type of garden cress into a room that contained no sources of cell phone of w-fi radiation, and in another room they placed another six trays of Lepidium sativum into a separate in close proximity to two wi-fi routers that were similar in their intensity to the same type of radiation emitted by cellphones.

Over a period of 12 days, the students checked in on the plants, did all their calculations and measurements and were faced with the stunning results that won them the top prize at a regional science competition:  the plants next to the wi-fi router simply did not grow, while the plants not exposed to the wireless ration flourished.

Team_Karse_til_dr-dkNeedless to say, scientists are now looking at this experiment with great interest and are planning on running the experiment with stringent controls in a proper scientific setting to confirm the results.

But let’s face it people, how many experiments like this do we really need to understand that the radiation from cellphones, wi-fi routers and other electric devices muck around with brains and bodies?  Do you think the girls have something here, or does more investigation need to be done?  Leave a comment below and let us know.


21 thoughts on “Stunning Results Of Student Science Experiment: Plants Will Not Grow Near WiFi Router

  1. People seem to have a fascination with insights made by amateurs, as though there’s something more valuable about this study than a scientific study which:
    1.) controls for variables such as sunlight, moisture, homogeneity of breed, etc.
    2.) has a large enough sample size to produce statistically significant results.
    3.) does not make any unsubstantiated conclusions about human biology from its results.

    It’s almost like people just believe anything they want to believe. Imagine that.


    • BIQ said: “People seem to have a fascination with insights made by amateurs”

      They should. In 2011 the AIDS code was cracked in 3 weeks by amateur gamers playing a DNA game Foldit after experts spent over a decade trying, and just after that CERN announced what was stated Worldwide as the most shocking and important discovery in physics because it “proved” Einstein wrong: neutrinos were exceeding the speed of light at v-c/c=2.48e-5 and an amateur showed it was caused by the asymmetry of the weak force and therefore not really exceeding the speed of light. Then he went on to show the same cause with the observation with photons, an argument that goes back to the 40’s in proving what the neutrino does. Then he went on to show how gravity is related and added the missing graviton to the atom giving it 4 parts. And on and on in a chain reaction of changes that shows why the experts think most of the matter in the universe is missing and is dark matter. CERN latter said it was a loose cable and a mistake. To me that shows it was real because that’s what you would expect them to say and try to hide it.


  2. “Do you think the girls have something here, or does more investigation need to be done?”

    Why are the two exclusive? I happen to think that “the girls have somethinig here” and indeed “more investigation need be done”. Thanks for posting this.


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  5. HAHAH,
    so were going to take the results from a bunch of fucking 6th grade chumps competing in a science fair over actual researchers with a PHD? what a joke


    • teddy, is well Kinda an idiot, well not kinda, but you get the idea, not that teddy could understand what I am saying .. . See if a 6th grader places an ice cube in the sun and it melts, the 6th graders could say , the heat melts ice. They also know the sky has clouds. I’m not sure what world he lives in , but I assume its ego driven. His incompetence to see that 6th graders can pick up on 1 + 1 .. but maybe teddy just isn’t that smart


    • What is “stunning” is the stupidity of the people who reported the story without proof. I placed 12 beans in a wet paper towel in a baggie on top of my router, and now 4 days later ten of hem have started germinating.


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  7. A sample size of 2 towels of seeds is hardly enough, if I designed the experiment, I would have placed hundreds of test groups at varying distances.
    Just a reminder, microwaves can evaporate water, perhaps the reason why this happened was that the water that the plants were drinking dried up from being heated up?


      • again , whats with the always having to prove them unsafe. You have assumed that they are safe, where’s the test ? Who has proven it ?


    • I agree, I love the fan boy mentality that says cell phone are safe , and no one needs to prove the safety, and the only thing to prove is that they are not.

      For instance , no test say they are safe, but people whom say they are not have to prove it over and over , beyond reason.


      • The reason that we test to see if they are unsafe is quite simple. We have a device that improves quality of life, or in this case makes communication and information flow easier, now we must determine whether or not it causes harm to its environment. Pure and simple. Tell me how you by proving something is safe without also proving it is not unsafe? Converesly how do you prove something is unsafe without ehibiting some kind of negative effect? In either sense the test is the same. You cannot prove somehting safe without testing every single possible arrangement of variables (which is near impossible), and doing so will reveal that which is unsafe.

        Anyways the results of this experiment would be super easy to cheat. Adding salt to their water or something would completely fuck the plants. The control would have to be letting the same plants grow in the same rooms – the routers. They may have been shit conditions anyways. Just because a relationship is there doesn’t mean it’s causal.


  8. “Not so surprisingly, the scientific community is now slamming their collective heads against their desks and saying “how in the hell did we miss that.” No they are not, this is just another one of those experiments that are never repeatable because the assumptions are wrong from the beginning. The idea was very cute, but bears nothing with reality. Get a life.


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