Canadian City That Once Tested Positive For Avian Flu Uses Chicken Manure To Force Homeless People Out Of Town


The Canadian city of Abbotsford, British Columbia has gone and done a really shitty thing.  On Tuesday the city dumped a truck load of chicken manure on a homeless camp in order to drive out the displaced individuals from the area.  After getting caught redhanded however, the Abbotsford city manager George Murray quickly backtracked on his “#YOLO” moment and issued a “#mybad”.

“As city manager, I take this situation very seriously and retain full responsibility for the manner in which we dealt with this incident,” Murray wrote after  being outed by homeless rights activists.

“I am deeply sorry for our actions.”

Residents living near the homeless camp – which was located beside a local Salvation Army – blew the whistle on the city when they noticed the unsightly and ungodly smelly altercation taking place.  One man, James Breckenridge, is being named as the main whistleblower and had this to say to The Province newspaper about the city’s decision to attack the homeless with chicken manure:

I have stood on it, and smelled it, and had a good look at it.  From my point of view, it’s a new low — using manure, especially chicken manure, in light of bird flu. We had to destroy a million birds in the Fraser Valley because of avian flu.

They’re always taking their bedding away from them — that means they just have to go out and find more. That location was good, because one person could keep a lookout while the others went to visit the Salvation Army.

Some of the homeless are in really bad shape — they only have the clothes on their back.

And one need only read what a local pastor named Jesse Wegenast stated to CBC News in order to fully comprehend just how appalled the residents of the city are at their local government.

The most marginalized, the most vulnerable citizens are getting kicked and not given the chance to recover and get back up.

It was a clear, concerted effort with one goal in mind and that is removal, eradication.  It requires forethought … and in light of this it’s incredibly appalling how the city decided to deal with this.

Way to go Abbotsford, in less than 30 days you went from the fourth most boring city in Canada, to the world’s most despicable asshole run city.

Some people had better be losing their jobs over this one.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below.



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