The Most Horrible Dunkin Donuts Customer Ever Posts Racist Video To Facebook

Call it white privilege, call it outright racism, or call it whatever you want, but after watching this video posted by a Dunkin Donuts customer who wasn’t given her receipt, you’re going to have something to say about this.

According to the video, the unidentified customer was upset that a Dunkin Donuts employee did not honour the company’s policy that your order is free if you are not supplied a receipt.  Great, fine, go ahead and take advantage of the fact that your meal is now free.  Company policy is company policy.

But what this video gives a possible clue to, is the real motivation behind why the customer was so upset, when at 7:15 she confronts one of the employees involved and calls her a “sand nigger” and threatens to “nuke your whole fucking planet from Mars.”


As far as I am concerned, this video only serves to prove to the world the absolute restraint and professionalism that the staff at this Dunkin Donuts showed in the face of a disgusting and vile human being.  This woman wasn’t worried about enforcing company policy, she was more concerned about putting a visible minority back into her place.  Whatever that place might be.

And as far as that “business degree” the customer keeps boasting about?  Good luck putting that into use in the future when prospective employers see this video.

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13 thoughts on “The Most Horrible Dunkin Donuts Customer Ever Posts Racist Video To Facebook

  1. she probably is a free loader. She does not have any money for food and this is the only way she could support herself to get free food for her and her boyfriend. all in all she is a racist b**ch with the way she used the wh*** and N***** word. How she got the business degree is beyond me…the university she graduated from probably do not have a good standard in education. Are they raising racist people there?Hmmm….They probably have KKK branch over that university.


    • ya “It almost seems as if she may have been intoxicated or strung out” i don’t know this woman is AWFUL and should be ashamed but i think you’re right something else is going on there beside racism and bitchiness. call me naive but that level of inappropriate behavior i can only imagine is caused by something like disease or intoxication


  2. No food service industry individual should have to put up with such demeaning and hostile actions, it’s a disgrace what she did and a very poor representation of society today , I would hope this is just a small percentage of people who think acting like this is acceptable but from what I’ve seen in the restaurant and retail business these things happen more often than you think. It almost seems as if she may have been intoxicated or strung out. Sad times these are.


  3. she could be charged with harassing other customers. and invading their privacy as they never gave her permission to put their image on cam. uttering threats come to mind as well. and her behavior is totally that of a spoiled little bitch to say nothing of the fact the the policy probily states only what she had on the orginal receipt, so she would have to provide them with date time and value then give them time to search for the receipt and remake the order.


  4. I would have called the police on that crack whore looking complainant after she used the first swear word. That IS private property. She should have taken care of the matter at original point of sale, NOT the next morning. She complained to the point that it was pure overkill, leading me to think that she smoked all her money up on dope.


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