Teen California State Assembly Candidate Puts On Ruby Slippers


He’s young, he’s gay, he identifies as Mexican-American: he’s everything that could make him a powerful Democratic candidate for state assembly in California’s 60th district.  But a Facebook post that was deleted as fast as it was posted outlining Jacob Daruvala’s stance on a woman’s right to choose, may have just seen the young candidate lean too far to the right and put on a pair of ruby slippers he may not be able to walk away from.

UPDATE:  California State Assembly Candidate Attempts Internet White Wash

Just after 9PM on September 16th, the 17-year-old candidate for California State Assembly posted his stance on a woman’s right to choose, deriding the Democratic party for what he feels is a “take-over” by the pro-choice movement, and the “unscientific” stance that makes being pro-life “unviable” in the party.

“I usually don’t speak out on this because I am concerned of the feedback from my fellow Democrats.

I do not identify with the pro-choice movement. I am deeply upset at how they have taken over the Democratic Party and now it is almost a requirement to be a viable Democratic candidate. What upsets me the most is that it is framed as a women against men issue.

There is no rational reason to say it is a women against men issue, when polls show it as a 50/50 issue among women! If it truly was just men oppressing women, it would not be so evenly divided. The other thing that concerns me about the pro-choice movement is how anti-science it has become.

So many act as if a developing human is an animal, and should not be given any consideration as to its candidacy as a potential human. I actually had someone tell me “Who cares if she kills the damn thing anyway?” Seriously?

When I identified with the pro-choice movement, I would say that no one is pro-abortion, it is pro-choice. Well I stand corrected on that. In the same conversation, he told me “the baby has no right to forcibly occupy the woman’s property.”

That baby had no choice in anything! The baby didn’t crawl up there to hide, she put it there! That is one of the most anti-science statements I have ever heard.

Although I believe that the life of the child should be taken into consideration, I do not really identify with the pro-life movement either. I believe there should always be exceptions for rape and incest, I believe there should be a culture of understanding rather than slut shaming, and I believe that we should be looking at other solutions first, such as improving access to health care, child care, and especially contraception.

Please just think about it. I hate speaking up on this issue because it is the only way I get yelled at by fellow Democrats.”

Although Daruvala remains unapologetically Democratic in his party affiliation, many potential Democratic voters might be turned off by his right leaning ideology on a woman’s right choose.  Wearing a blue suit, while sporting ruby slippers might distract voters from the platform of “personal liberties”, “economic and social justice for all”, “sensibility and compromise”, and “economic opportunity” he is basing his entire campaign on.

As one Liberal America reader put it, “When a candidate claims that the issue of a woman’s right to choose is equally segmented between men and women, and then completely cuts out a man’s responsibility in the debate by claiming a woman is solely responsible for the decision because she put it inside her, it shows a complete lack of maturity and knowledge on women’s issues.”

Will Daruvala be able to pivot this early in his campaign to sidestep his remarks on a woman’s right to choose?  Stay tuned to Liberal America for updates on this developing story.

Photo: Jacob Daruvala Website


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