Imaginary Fireworks Leads To A Father Of The Year Worthy Performance

Originally Posted on – There’s good parenting, there’s great parenting, and then there’s Father of the Year Nominee parenting. Benjamin Ames however, is cut above all of these.

When 4-year-old Adelaide Ames couldn’t sleep because she kept hearing imaginary fireworks, her dad didn’t just help make them go away, he replaced them with music, improv, and a hot pink ukulele.

His technique may not have stopped the 4-year-old’s imaginary fireworks from exploding at regular intervals throughout their duet, but it has enchanted YouTube, along with Adelaide’s singing.

The three-minute performance of the vintage classic “Tonight You Belong to Me” finds Adelaide and her dad doing a hilarious stop-and-start duet, as Adelaide explains to her webcam that “Tssst!” means there’s a firework going off. She proceeds to inject fireworks in regular rhythm, along with impromptu commentary. Her dad, the perfect straight man, rolls with her interpretation.

It’s pretty much a cute overload.

From what is known about the duo circulating online, Benjamin Ames is not only musically talented, he’s apparently a modern renaissance man. At 32-years-old he already an accomplished quantum physicist and the maker of award-winning videos that teach science to children.

Heck, he not only makes science easy and fun for kids to learn, he won the top prize by creating, animating, narrating, and making the music for an entry into the Alan Alda Challenge. The challenge asked scientists to explain the question “what is a flame” in a way that would engage young kids – as you can tell, it’s pretty easy to see why Benjamin won.

And if you were wondering where the song “Tonight You Belong To Me” they were singing came from, then you need search no more.  Here’s a rendition from the 1979 movie “The Jerk” with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters – and yes, she really did play her own instrument in the song.


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