Giant Killer Hornets Are Killing People All Over China


No, those are not Pokemon.  They’re not cybertronic security drones. They’re not props from some upcoming SyFy movie like Sharknado.

These are giant killer hornets, and they’ve already killed 42 people in China this summer.  They’re real, and they’re fucking scary.

Says the Yahoo News:

Swarms of hornets have killed 42 people in northwestern China in recent months, state media said Thursday, as temperatures rise and development drives the stinging insects into cities.

The terrifying attacks started in July, the official Xinhua news agency said Thursday, with 1,640 people having been stung.

Of those, 206 are being treated in hospital, it quoted the National Health and Family Planning Commission as saying.

“With the development of air-conditioning, urban landscaping and residential environment, hornets have started to migrate and relocate to cities, which has increased the probability of their hurting people,” Xinhua said in a report Wednesday.

Now, if you think that the photo is enough to keep you awake at night wondering what’s crawling around in your walls, or lurking in the nearest tree, perhaps this video might ease your mind … nah, it’ll creep you out even more.

So what do you say?  Who wants to go sight-seeing in China right now?

Yeah, that’s kind of what I figured.


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