Can This Underwear Actually Stop Your Farts From Smelling?


Say good-bye Dutch ovens, see ya later silent but deadlies, and move over to “the dog did it” because there’s a new underwear out there that claims it can actually stop your farts from smelling.

Now before the vast majority of my male demographic launches into the much expected “well what kind of fun is underwear like that if no one can smell our totally hilarious farts” let me first explain that these new fart blocking underwear actually do have a medial purpose.  No, for real.

The “Shreddies” brand of male and female underwear which calls itself the “ultimate flatulence filtering underwear” was designed to help the millions of people around the world who suffer from the often embarrassing side effects of diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease.  That however won’t stop the women and men who love their non-afficlted proudly flatulent partners from stuffing a few dozen pairs in their Christmas stockings this year.

The underwear are created using a fabric called “Zorflex” which is some newfangled carbon activated cloth that can be “used as the flatulence filter since its use in chemical warfare suits is renowned.”  That’s right, what’s good for chemical warfare is now good for farts apparently, and what would an article be without a diagram to show you how they work.

My Shreddies Website Design1So whether you think you can benefit from these fart fighting underwear for yourself or someone you love, think about this:  What usually stops most men from letting one rip in mixed company is the embarrassing smelly aftermath … you take the threat of that away, and the world is undoubtedly about to get a lot more “musical” shall we say.

Happy farting!



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