‘Gay Hunter’ Facebook Game Promotes Killing Gay Men So They Won’t Rape You In The Forest


It really doesn’t get any more insulting and disgusting than this for the LGBT community:  A Facebook game called Gay Hunter where your main objective is to gun down gay men in an effort to avoid being raped in the forest by them.  Failure to kill the approaching gay man will result in your character being bent over and penetrated while emitting a painful scream.

Yes, this really is a thing on Facebook.

UPDATE:  This WAS a thing on Facebook.  As today, October 30th, 2013, the game is no longer available on Facebook due to public outrage.

Pink News, bless their little pink souls, did their darndest at covering this story and pulled up a quote without citing its source from Jean Christophe Calvet, who runs the Uzinagaz site which originally produced the game back in 2002.  He had this to say about the game in 2009:

“We launched this game a long time ago [2002] and it worked very well. It was only a few years after it came out that a gay rights association took legal action against us. So we withdrew the game. It’s no longer available on French sites, but it’s impossible to wipe it from all foreign sites too.

“I have to say that at the beginning, we really didn’t understand why the association was attacking us. The guy who came up with the game, Stéphane Aguie, wanted to mock hunters and red-necks, not gay men.

“Our games are not politically correct. They’re aimed at teenagers (12-18) and it’s true that they’re of a juvenile humour. I realise now that this one in particularly could be found shocking, but I believe that you should be able to make this kind of joke in the name of freedom of speech. Incidentally, not everyone in the gay community was supportive of banning the game.”

Personally I’d like to see the evidence that there was anyone from the LGBT community standing behind this game and siding with the developers.  Last time I checked there weren’t any “I’m gay, please feel free to gun me down because of it’ groups that I could find anywhere on the web.

According to Facebook’s own guidelines on hate speech they state that “We work hard to remove hate speech quickly, however there are instances of offensive content, including distasteful humour, that are not hate speech according to our definition. In these cases, we work to apply fair, thoughtful, and scalable policies,” so who knows where this will go.

It’s not like Facebook has a great record right now of removing even horrific content from the social media site after they relaxed their rules recently on banning videos of beheadings.

All in a day’s work at Facebook in the never ending quest for more traffic and more ad revenue it appears.


2 thoughts on “‘Gay Hunter’ Facebook Game Promotes Killing Gay Men So They Won’t Rape You In The Forest

  1. Ban this homophobic trash. Facebook won’t allow a nude person on it but they can allow gays to be shot and people being beheaded on it. What sort of people are running it . Twisted homophobic gore loving money hungry insipid ignoramuses , that’s who .


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