Look At What Happens When Male Models Are Used In A Motorcycle Pin-up Shoot


We’ve all seen the same old pin-up photos before for cars or motorcycles.  Scantily clad women in ankle busting high heels making proverbial love to a high powered racing vehicle.  Nothing to see here, right?  Well, in a recent Ducati motorcycle pin-up shoot, you might find there’s something new to look at after they swapped out the female models with male models.  High heels included.

After seeing the original female laced photo shoot from a Detroit based motorcycle dealer called MotoCorsa, the editors at the popular Asphalt and Rubber website didn’t even blink an eye at them, or even go so far as to write a story about them.  But when that same dealership recreated the photos using men from their garage, that’s when the motorcycle industry took notice.

So, when we saw Portland-based Ducati dealer MotoCorsa do a photo shoot with a lovely lady named Kylie and a Ducati 1199 Panigale, we passed on running the photos. Then something interesting happened: MotoCorsa did a follow-up photo shoot, this time with men from around the shop, recreating the shots from the photo shoot with Kylie. Perhaps not the most flattering photos we’ve ever seen, it is however a delicious role-reversal, not to mention showing some good humor from the gentlemen involved.

In a world where women are subjectified and objectified on a regular basis to sell anything from cars to motorcycles or beer to soda, it’s photos like these that really draw attention to the reality that sex is often used to sell a product at the expense of women and their sexuality.

Shooting the sexy photos for a second time using male models in the same poses as the original female model, shows just how absurd and exploitive that this type of advertising really is.  If a product can’t stand on its own two wheels without the need to throw a nearly naked woman on it to make a sale, then perhaps the makers of these products need to reevaluate the products they are selling and come up with something that can sell itself on it own merits.

Take a look at that slideshow below and leave me a message in the comments letting me know what you think about this gender-swapping photo shoot.

Originally published at Liberal America.

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