Is This Graphic Photo Of The LAX Shooter Real?


The New York Post has printed what they claim is a photo of a “blood-drenched Paul Ciancia” – the shooter who killed a TSA employee at LAX during a shooting spree on November 1st.

This is the bloodied face of a madman, moments after his rampage through Los Angeles International Airport.

A blood-drenched Paul Ciancia lay stunned on the floor of LAX, critically wounded after heroic airport cops blasted him in the face to halt his deadly march Friday through Terminal 3 that left one Transportation Security Administration agent dead and six other people wounded.

The Post offers no actual citation or credit for the photo, which has stirred up controversy over its authenticity given the Post’s past history in running “misleading photos and unsubstantiated claims,” claims Mediate.

As we learned during the Boston Marathon bombing coverage, the New York Post does not hesitate to publish misleading photos and unsubstantiated claims. “This is the face of a madman,” the Post’s article reads. But without saying where they obtained the photo, they leave that fact very difficult to verify.

The photo allegedly shows Ciancia laying on his back, hands cuffed behind him, and two very bright red pools of blood next to him.  It is extremely graphic, and many people may find the photo disturbing to look at.

If you think you can stomach it, click HERE to view the photo.  You’ve been warned though.  It’s not easy to look at.



2 thoughts on “Is This Graphic Photo Of The LAX Shooter Real?

    • Yeah, accurately staged The body and blood look fake. The only way blood would be that bright is if Ciancia took a lung shot. I see no chest wound or blood pooling around his body. Also, there’s no way Ciancia would still be conscious after a lung shot, and yet he’s later seen holding an oxygen mask and moving while being rolled out on a stretcher. It’s a fake picture, which means the entire LAX shooting narrative is suspect.


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