Watch This Halloween Prank Emotionally Scar Two Children For Life


We’ve all seen our fair share of Halloween prank videos this year, whether it’s the flying grim reaper, the human chair prank, or one of the many Halloween misadventure from Prank Vs Prank, there’s been screams and shrieks a plenty to go around.

Well, how about you take a moment to watch what is undeniably one of the best (worst depending on your view) videos of what happens when a Halloween prank goes very, very wrong.  The two little girls in this video may never go trick or treating again.

The video comes from a Youtuber named Ken Spooner who thought it would be a good idea to put on a skeleton mask, strap a hidden camera to himself and wait for some unsuspecting victims to approach his house for some sugary Halloween goodness.

You can’t totally blame Spooner for the reaction that the kids had though, since mom was the first to notice what was going on and yell “Oh my God, he’s real!” and hauled ass towards the sidewalk.

The youngest of the two children then goes into complete hysterics, while Spooner begins to realize the trauma he is causing and attempts to empty his entire candy bowl into the girl’s Halloween buckets as a peace-offering.  The only thing making this whole situation worse than it already is?

He tries to give them chips.  Chips on Halloween.  What kind of sick person does that?  The humanity of it all.


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