Meanwhile In Canada … There’s A Ponytail Napper On The Loose!

meanwhile in Canada Forget about what Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is smoking in a pipe these days, or the great $30million maple syrup heist of 2012, or even the mystery of how our money became plastic, because a maniac is on the loose in the Canada and you could be the next person to have … your ponytail cut off by a random stranger.

Yup, this is national news in Canada folks.  This is what’s going on here right now as we speak.

According to the CBC, the woman, Dani Bone-Corbishley, who lost her ponytail described the incident as “crazy” and says that it has left her in “complete shock”.

A woman whose ponytail was cut off by an unknown suspect on Sunday says she was in “complete shock” after the “crazy” daylight attack.

Dani Bone-Corbishley told CBC News she was heading to work at the Plant Bath Recreation Centre and had just locked her car on Oak Street.

“I felt someone grab my ponytail. I felt three hacks at the back of my head, and I turned around and someone was booting it away with my ponytail in their hand,” she said Tuesday. “It was really that fast.”   The suspect fled on foot south along Preston Street. Police are looking for any surveillance video from nearby businesses.   Bone-Corbishley said she didn’t see what the suspect used to cut her ponytail off. She has since gotten a haircut, and said that’s when she finally broke down.

Dani Bone-Corbishley’s ponytail was cut off her head by an unknown attacker on Sunday morning on Oak Street in Ottawa’s Little Italy neighbourhood, just off Preston Street. “This is really just crazy,” she told CBC News in an interview Tuesday. (CBC)

“[It was a] massive adrenaline rush. I can’t really say that I was scared; I elbowed him a couple of times, I think,” she said.   “Mostly it was just complete shock, absolute bewilderment. This just doesn’t happen. And anger, a lot of anger.”

So, there you have it folks, that’s what Canadians are glued to their televisions right now watching.

But, you have to hand it to us, because with gun death numbers rarely topping 200 a year even though there are over 10,000,000 guns in Canadian homes, we’re obviously doing something right up here with gun control when a ponytail nabber can steal the headlines.

Oh, Canada.




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