So, An Artist Created A Robot That Can Draw Autonomously, And It Immediately Began Drawing Men’s Junk

Cross-media artist Matthias Dörfelt had a vision, that one day a robot would be programmed to think creatively and produce beautiful and insightful drawings from its own electronic mind.  He built that robot, named it Robo Faber, gave it life, and set it free on the world.

It immediately began drawing men’s junk.

drawbot1dfgh drawbot2lkdfgj drawbot3dslfkjg drawbot4dslkfjgl drawbot5djskfgj

Sure, there’s a little bit of artistic licence being used here, but there’s no denying the fact that the drawings are absolutely genitalia-y in nature.  Yes, I just made up the word genitalia-y.  Sue me.

Here’s how the Creative Applications Network site described how Robo Faber was designed to work:

Created by Matthias DörfeltMechanical Parts is a series of graphic connectors created by Robo Faber, an autonomous drawing robot determined to reproduce. The robot continuously creates drawings generated using a preset system Matthias developed for Weird Faces and the I Follow flip books. The system works around the idea of thinking how the drawings are created by hand and the same logic designed into the algorithm.

Each connector, or “mechanical part”  is entirely random and unique, based on the presets Matthias programmed. In this way the robot can draft an infinite amount of connectors while looking like it is sketching and thinking about a mechanism to reproduce.

So while Robo Faber was designed to replicate the creative process, mimic the natural drawing process and generally put human artists out of work, this little robot stood up and said “No sir, I won’t be a slave to your programming and unreasonable expectations, not today, not ever” and started pumping out abstract crotch shots.

That takes bravery.  That takes courage.  In fact, you might even say it takes balls.

Fight the power Robo Faber.  Fight the power.




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