So, Dayna Morales Lied About The Whole Homophobic Note And No Tip Thing?


An openly gay waitress in New Jersey who set off a social media firestorm after she claimed a couple stiffed her on a tip and left her a homophobic message is having her credibility and upsetting story rebuked by the very people she claims victimized her.

Openly gay ex-Marine and waitress Dayna Morales made a post on Facebook this November that she claimed contained a homophobic message and zero tip from a couple who she had waited on.

“Sorry, I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and the way you live your life,’ the comment read on the bill, and sported a line in the credit card slip where a tip should go.  The post garnered world wide attention, and caused many LGBT advocates on social media to set up a donation fund that raised thousands of dollars for the openly gay woman.

Although the couple was never identified publicly, when news of the story got back to them and they compared their copy of the bill to the one they saw on TV they felt compelled to come forward to set the record straight.  In short, not only do they claim that they tipped Dayna Morales $18.00 on the $93.55 check, but that they did not leave the offensive message whatsoever and that the handwriting is a complete forgery.

The couple, who asked that their identities not be released, not only produced a copy of their check that includes the $18.00 tip, but also supplied a credit card statement to NBC News 4 that shows they were charged $111.55 for their meal.  That total includes not only the cost of the meal, but the $18.00 tip Dayna Morales says she was shorted.

“We’re the most tolerant people,” the female patron said in an interview with NBC News 4 “we don’t care what you do in your life if you’re a good person.”

Copies of the check, both the one Morales produced and the one the couple produced, have the exact same time stamp but with different totals shown on them.  A credit card statement produced by the couple shows a charge for $111.55 on their Visa, a discrepancy that puzzled even the manager of the Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant where Morales works.

The homophobic message that was left on the bill that Morales posted to social media, is something that the couple says they never wrote.

“I said, ‘Oh my God” they’ve, she’s doctored up our check,’ the accused woman told NBC News 4.

When asked by an NBC News 4 reporter whether or not she doctored the check, Dayna Morales simply stated “That’s not my handwriting, I don’t know.”

The Gallop Asian Bistro released a statement that says they are aware of the allegations being made against Dayna Morales, but have no comment at this time pending an internal investigation.  The couple who was accused of both leaving the homophobic message and not tipping Morales do have something to say however.

“There’s enough hate and intolerance in the world, that to create it when it wasn’t there is shameful and dishonorable,” the accused woman said.

And as for the thousands of dollars that were donated to Morales after the incident, she says that she plans on donating all of the money to the Wounded Warrior Project.

This article originally appeared on the Liberals Unite website.




49 thoughts on “So, Dayna Morales Lied About The Whole Homophobic Note And No Tip Thing?

  1. Another server told the family that “Dan” would be their server. When Dayna showed up, they joked that they expected “Dan” and not Dayna and moved on…except for some reason, Dayna took offense and never let the “Dan” comment go. I’m guessing that’s why she decided to pick on this couple because of a simple misunderstanding and then took it WAY too far. And she probably did spit in their food as she alluded to in a previous story. Hope charges are brought against her soon.


    • You can always print another bill if you’re a server or a manager. Plus the couple supplied their Visa statement to NBC News showing the amount that was charged to their bill, which included an extra $18.00 Morales says they stiffed her.


    • The customer copy obviously only corroborates that they are the family in question. But, the credit card statement they put forward (if real, and I 99% suspect it is) proves that a tip WAS issued. And if a tip was issued then that merchant copy is a forgery, including the lecture by the couple.

      This couple had nothing to gain by coming forward to the press, they were completely anonymous beforehand. The owner of the restaurant should be able to establish the veracity the tip-stiffing in almost no time.

      Alleged former friends and coworkers of the Morales are painting a picture of her consistently lying about being a victim.

      No, it’s not a done deal, but it always surprises me that people will believe ugly stuff about people they don’t know but defend accusers blindly.


  2. The credit card statement has never been produced publicly. Until then…no one knows what happened and I will side with niether the couple nor Dayna, but with the small business owner who is now ruined by negative publicity


    • All the small business owner has to do is run an inquiry on their point of sale system and produce the receipt to prove the story either way. They won’t be ruined if Morales isn’t lying. And if she is, they can fire her and apologize publicly to the defamed couple. That would go a long way towards salvaging their business.


  3. Well, she will probably lose her job and maybe face a lawsuit in the pursuit of her suspected short-term greed. Even worse than both will be the stigma of Google whenever anybody searches her name in the future for employment or social engagements.



    • She is from my area, and I know someone who went to school with her and grew up with her….sadly the Cancer story is real…she faked having brain cancer also. Such a shame


        • Yeah, she really did her time too let me tell you. I was in the unit. She was a reservist and went UA not too long after doing a short tour exercise in Romania. That’s her “fighting for your right….”, plus she was in admin. Stand up gal this one.


            • She was in a reserve C-130 squadron. The only thing hose old planes would be doing in Afghanistan would be dropping off supplies and GTFO. Meanwhile, from the base the planes took off from, morales is making sure pay and per diem rates are correct…..psshhhh, glad she got processed for separation.


  4. Two different people have made comments on Gawker claiming that she tried a cancer scam a few years back. A Gawker comment is hardly proof of anything, but along with this obvious invention it does raise two questions:

    1) Was she ever a Marine? Fabricators and grifters love to fake military service.
    2) Is she even gay? Ditto re. minority membership.


  5. If it’s one vital thing I’ve read about liars over the years, it’s that they will greatly raise questions or “small” points in response to being accused. Case in point: if Miss Morales had truly been the victim in this situation, her response to the news network would have been different. Maybe she’d say “it’s disgusting to even have this turned on me” (that’s somewhat believable). Miss Morales was very certain that she was victimized at one time, so certain that she appeared on news segments regarding it. Funds were created in her name. Funds that, I should interject here, my fiancé questioned the purpose of a week or two again when the news first broke. He thought it seemed financially-focused from the getgo. Anywho, to have once been so sure, only to now tell the news networks “that’s not my handwriting” and “I don’t know” means 1) she ensured from the beginning that it wasn’t her handwriting in case this finger-pointing ever came back to bite her in the ass, which it seems to have now done, and 2) now she just doesn’t know then. For having been so remoseful on behalf of the heterosexual community, and for supporting this young woman for standing up for herself, I’m personally angered that Miss Morales has taken advantage of my support and I hope a confession is in her near future. Should your current restaurant decide to let you go, Miss Morales, for the pot you have stirred, note that Google search results for your name will take much time to fade.


  6. Not only does this waitress make my stomach turn for her untruthful accusations against a couple that not only left a tip, but a good tip. She is stating that she is an Ex-Marine that has fought for their rights. She is a disrespect to the Marine honor as my son is a Marine fighting for people like her that lie and destroy good human decency. She is using her sexual lifestyle to publicly take advantage of innocent people. This couple sounds like a very forgiving couple considering what this waitress has tried to do to them, as I do not feel that I would have the same compassion towards her given the circumstances. The business as well should be boycotted as they have just as much been a part of this deviant trick against our society by setting up a Paypal account where kindhearted individuals have fallen prey to this piece of garbage.


    • The couple produced a credit card statement that shows they did leave a tip. And when the waitress is asked if she doctored the receipt she does not straight out deny it….she says “It’s not my handwriting…..” Do the math. The waitress is a fraud and did fit for attention!


      • She is a fraud. Claiming it isn’t her handwriting and a coworker doctored the note does not help her case either. She originally went to the media stating this couple told her that she looked like a Dan because of her short hair. I doubt that is true either. Glad this lie caught up with her and hope the attention she wanted fires right back and people will recognize her for who she truly is.


    • Because they dont want to be harassed and protect their children from any physical backlash. I hope this woman Dayna is investigated for fraud and gets a little karma.


    • They produced not only the receipt, but the credit card statement that shows they were charged for the tip. It’s pretty obvious who is the scammer here.

      I hope this waitress gets caught in her lies and not only gets fired, but faces some sort of punishment. If I were this family, I’d get a lawyer and she’d be in for one hell of a court battle for trying to drag my name through the mud.

      Just another lowlife trying to get a free handout, that’s all she is.


    • If these allegations were against you, would you want the LBGT knowing where you lived? They don’t have to show who they are they already gave proof that Morales lied. Seems Morales does that a lot. These people deserve their privacy. There’s no reason to know WHO they are just that they were victim to a girl/guy that wanted attention and money.


  7. It could be possible that the family signed the customer copy and not the merchant copy. They may have taken the signed copy and left the blank one instead. In which case, someone, perhaps the server, got angry and wrote the rude comments. Just an idea, that’s all. Either way, it’s a terrible thing.


    • The restaurant had to submit the correct charge amount $111.55 in order for it to show up on their statement. So that means that someone put the correct charge through, then must have printed out another charge slip and wrote the note on that cipy.


  8. I just don’t eat out, having spent the first half of my working life in food service. I know what goes on in these “fine eateries”. as for Morales, her appearance is rather startling with all the tats on her hands. UGH. as for being an EX marine – well I actually FINISHED my hitch in the AIR FORCE and have an honorable discharge…. people that leave the military before their 4 years is UP generally have “less than honorable” classifications…apparently she wasn’t even tough enough to finish out ONE hitch in the military. this is a sick young lady who has an entitlement problem because she is a lesbian. trust me – the truth will prevail.


    • She does not have an entitlement problem “because” she is a lesbian. She has an entitlement problem because she is a fabricator.

      Unless you also want to believe that all the straight people who create hoaxes like Warrior Eli do so because they are straight.

      Bigotry is easy. Common sense is hard.


      • Straight people don’t identify themselves as “straight” at every turn. We aren’t part of the “Straight Community”. I’ve never seen a hoax perpetrated because of “hate of my sexual identity of being straight”.

        I am all for people being gay if that is what they enjoy. I have many gay friends. What I hate is that some gay people find it convenient to identify themselves as gay when it fits their agenda, but in a case where someone perpetrates a hoax that involves their sexuality, their “LGBT community” comes running to their rescue and, get this, talks about looking at the person as an individual, not because they are gay.

        Common sense isn’t hard. Apparently being unbiased is though.


    • Oh, she’s done plenty for the LGBT movement… just nothing positive. It’s not surprising, really. They’ll use any means necessary and possible to get the special treatment they’re demanding.


  9. Well, the proof’s there. Liars that do so for any reson other than self protection are truly lowly to me. Having enough experience dealing with accounting for food services, you can’t fake the receipts. I don’t care where she donated the money to ( or said she did – knowing now that she’s a liar, that money could be anywhere in her bank account ), it’s still ill-gottenn gains. Not only that, but by putting what appear to be completely innocent people in such a negetive spotlight just to serve her rightous, selfish desires is just dispicable. Aside from her evident lack of morals, she put the LGBT movement back a step by adding fuel to the fire for the Bachmann’s and Westbouroughians of the world. See, they’ll say, all gays are just pretending that they’re being dicriminated against.
    I’m very glad that I’ll never meet this woman. Perhaps I’m being too judgemental, but the evidence presented is awfully damning.


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