Watch Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Sent To Them On Twitter (VIDEO)

Photo:  YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel

Photo: YouTube – Jimmy Kimmel

Have you ever tweeted your dislike of a celebrity?  Well, be careful if you do, because you could be featured on the Jimmy Kimmel segment called “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”.  Take a look at the videos below and get ready to laugh your ass off at a few gems like:

“Is there a Kickstarter campaign for Kevin James to NEVER make another movie?”

“I remember when the words “Sharon Stone is on television” brought me joy, instead of, “I hate that bitch.”

“If I had to choose between f**king a pie or Jason Biggs, I’d choose the pie.  That dude has a dirty d**k.”

“What in the F**k is up with Amy Poehler‘s face?  Bitch looks like she survived a nuclear blast.”

“Really Mark Ruffalo?  That’s the face you’re going with? God this movie’s gonna suck.”

“Look at me I’m Julia-Louis Dreyfus, I was on Seinfeld, the show about white people in New York eating pickles and s**t man, f**k you bitch.”

Larry David!  Shut the f**k up!”

This post was originally seen on the Restoring Sanity website.





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