A Stray Cat Shows This Woman Why You Don’t Start Fights With a Feline

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A Detroit woman’s big heart got her into some serious trouble with a feline friend this week, after the cat she rescued from certain death and welcomed into her home, nearly tore her face off after she kicked snow at it for fighting with the family dog.

The entire cringe-inspiring altercation was caught on camera by Buddy the cat’s owner, who uploaded it to the internet through a viewer news submission tool.  She explained that Buddy had been taken into her home as a stray after she learned he was about to face an early death on the receiving end of a bullet, and had never been anything other than “sweet as pie” in the house.

Flash forward to this week, when the woman went outside to break up a fight between Buddy and the family dog by kicking snow at the cat, causing him to spring like a ninja into the air and attack the woman’s face with a flurry of scratches and bites that look painful even on camera.

The attack sent the woman to the hospital where she was treated for deep bites to the forehead, which ended up becoming infected and manifesting into cellulitus, swelling up an entire side of her face.

Buddy has since been picked up by animal rescue and tested negative for rabies, and if everything goes well he should be back out in time for his next Ultimate Fighting Cat-ionship bout against the UPS guy this weekend.

Watch Buddy’s attack on the woman here in the video below:

Originally posted at Americans Against The Tea Party


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